Buying a security system?

Yes! Ryan did a make video on making your own but, i was also considering purchasing one. thoughts, opinions? Tin foil hat conspiracys?

Just to be safe, avoid the state backed brands, HikVision, XIaomi, etc if you plan to connect it to the internet. The whole point of the being cheaper is that the PRC/CCP is subsidizing the company to extend its surveillance.

For actual alternatives, I’ve heard people recommend Axis brand for the US and EU. Its a Swedish company (still part of the Fourteen Eyes, sadly). Refer to your threat model if this is significant enough.

Also, it was a Wendel video AFAIK.

these companies offer security systems now? i mostly know hikvision for thier cameras

Do whats best for you, have tons of time to tinker and solve all your own issues then do a DIY. Want turn key and support for issues, but some COTS system.

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security systems are great but its the hidden alarm system that is the most successful in capturing a criminal.
IE a silent alarm system and hidden cameras are not readily detected even by the best burglers.
as a locksmith security was my specialty.
and an advertised security system was just a target for a savy criminal.
you can bet that any burgler casing a house will do his research on any security system they see in order to exploit its weakness…
with silent and well hidden alarms and hidden cameras its a lot more fun to watch when a crook walks out with the goods into the waiting arms of the police!


here the police don’t do anything about it. maybe if they were armed while you were there they would come. but, maybe i’m being pessimistic. lots of systems advertise auto call for police.

I’m currently awaiting delivery of some zigbee based xiaomi/aqara door/window sensors from AliExpress for about 8eur/piece, which sounded reasonable. They should integrate well into my existing Zigbee home assistant network (really just a raspberry pi with a cc2531 USB dongle).

I don’t have a powerwall of any kind yet, which is a weakness for me for using a Zigbee setup (lightbulbs only work as Zigbee relays when they’re powered), but I’m doing some math at the moment - might get one at some point in the near future.

Not sure if I can recommend any cameras. Everything I’ve seen is either crappy or requirye much DIY. I have nest, but they depend on wifi, internet and power working; and while hardware quality is reasonable the video quality only ok-ish not the best. There were some 6k and 8k Dahua models that were popular about a year and a half ago when I was considering my options, but at the time I didn’t feel like building my own surveillance server, I don’t remember the details.

What are you looking to get out of a system?

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of the types of hidden alarms (there are quite a few)
you have pressure pads beneath windows, doors, and randomly spaced throughout the building,
vibration sensors(adjustable), pir, laser, infrared beam, magnetic switches on doors and windows(hidden), and wall net ( interwoven wire netting inside walls that trigger alarm if they are cut)
visible foil trace (break alarm) and vibration transducers on windows.

these types of alarms are old school and rarely installed by modern alarm companies or security system sellers.
(they mostly sell camera system, pir, and modular magnetic switches)
easy to install without needing a good knowledge of electricity and electronics

that being said you have another type of security system called an aggressive response system.
these systems are designed to trap, detain, and in some cases temporarily disable an intruder.
and quite frankly quite evil in design

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i think the legality of ARS depends on are to area? i’ve seen a old school wired system before, it has all the features and customization of all the new stuff, but, with a paper manual and little control/switch board. could also be tied in the net with an rpi and voip or something to take in the calls/info from the phone line output of it.

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