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Buying a Phone for a Parent


Hi all,

My dad is running an iPhone 5s and while it’s a perfectly good phone the screen is a little small for his aging eyes and big hands. He’s also not the most tech-savvy and has little patience when it comes to responsiveness.

I was thinking of buying him a used iPhone 8 from Amazon for fathers day but I wanted to see if anyone else had some good suggestions. I’m worried that he won’t be able to use the swipe navigations on the newer iPhones.




Whats your budget?

Do you have a store (if they have them) or phone he can try first?

The iPhone 8 still has a physical home ‘button’ (fingerprint sensor) so there might not be to much of a difference.

You might also want to consider a refurbished iPhone, as you’ll get as warranty and don’t have to worry about dodgy amazon sellers.

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That’s What I was considering. Amazon has some pretty great deals on renewed iPhone 8’s so I thought that would be a good investment



My only concern would be to ensure you get it from a reliable provider, illegitimate iPhones are definitely more common than alternatives.

What kind of price range are the deals?



Depending on his dexterity and your budget maybe even consider getting the plus model for the added screen. And then in iOS enable larger text sizes. And maybe zoom viewing.



I would go for a 7+ or 8+, yes.



Get an iPhone 8 plus but make sure you check out the vendor… Anything amazon fulfilled usually is a bit better but even if its not you do protect yourself because amazon fulfilled it… Also make sure its compatible witH the network of your parents… Which network do they use



Around 400 USD for a Amazon Renewed iPhone 8