Buying a Oneplus One

So here's the deal guys. I've got a OnePlus zone invite, but I don't actually have the money for it right now. Is the phone worth borrowing the money from family for?  Just asking for your opinions, if i decide it isn't worth it, I'll give the invite away.

Honestly I can see myself with this phone until late 2016 to early 2017. Thats if the battery does not wear itself down going from a 36 hours battery life on power saver with moderate use, to just 6 hours.

I was very hesitant at first since I had the Moto G and had no reason to upgrade but I felt that it was absolutely worth it.

Is the battery life really that great? I've currently got a nexus 5, and would sell it if I bought a One, would anybody be interested in buying it? Also, hows Cyanogenmod on it? I heard it was glitchy initially.

Ive had the One Plus for about 4 months now and have noticed an extremely small amount of battery degeneration. I came from an LG G2 which just shit out on me after 5 months of use. Granted I take very good care of my phone, regularly cleaning and power cycling it. But I would buy this phone again if they updated to 64-bit. I also wish the roll out for Cyanogenmod 12S for Android 5.0 Lollipop would roll out faster, but it's probably worth the wait on that. Whether or not you borrow money is your decision, if you have any specific questions about the phone, feel free to contact me. That goes for anyone with any interest in it.

CM is fine, there are just one or two bugs that annoy me but nothing that affects functionality. I wouldn't say it was worth the hassle to get rid of your N5. Just keep your Nexus.

And yes the battery life is great. I can get about 48 hours of moderate to heavyish use out of my OnePlus, though I never stretch it that far anyway. I just charge it every night.

If anything you can always replace the battery. I have never opened my OnePlus, but all smartphones I have worked on have a replaceable battery. Some of them are glued down, they come off but you just have to take your time and use caution. Also having the correct tools is imperative.

No phone is worth borrowing money for. Get a cheaper phone.

Yeah I saw the teardown, quite nice that it is a connector soldered on so removing the back screws and a simple swap will not be much of a headache.

The oneplus one is not for everyone, if you like flashing roms then go for it.

Definitely. You won't have to spend double the price on a phone that does less...