Buying a new camera

Hello guys,
I'm looking at buying a new camera, with the goal of taking some still pictures at work (I work at a school, want to take pictures of little kids doing things) and for making some YouTube videos and game streaming.
I think I've decided on a mirror less over a dslr, the Sony a5100 just seems like this all around option over the Canon t6i or the Nikom d5500. Any input on camera options are welcome

For recording on my PC the best option seems to be using a Game capture card, which seems weird to me. The Blackmagic Intensity Pro 4K has some bad reviews and so I have decided that I probably should not go with them, and the El Gato HD60 pro seems to be the best option, being able to do 60MBPS and 60hz. Any other options are welcome.

I already have a blue yetti mic so I will be using that.

For a tripod I think the gorilla pod looks solid.

Thanks for any help feedback or recommendations

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Yeah, I don't think you need to be taking pictures of little kids. This is kind of creepy

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I don't think you're being constructive at all.

I in fact take pictures of little kids all the time and I assure you I'm not creepy. I have Nieces and Nephews that, as the family camera guy I'm required to take pictures of at their birthdays and family gatherings.

What is your budget?
And will you be more picture taking or video capture? DSLRs are commonly limited in how long they can record video dues to EU regulations and thermals, that and they're designed for picture taking first.

My budget for everything, including some lighting, the capture card, the lenses if any, and the camera, is >1000 USD.
I am also now looking at the Lumix G7 because why not get 4k if I can afford it (I have all 4k TVs and monitors in my house, so would be nice). I am really disappointed with the fact that it is micro four thirds vs the APS-C, so I am sure low light will suffer + the fact that the still MP rating is only 16 so I am not convinced it will be as sharp as the Sony, and I just don't want it to be lacking in DoF because I really like bokeh.


I bought a Sony a5100 a little over a year ago for video use primarily.

It's my first dslr and it's been fantastic for family blogging, hiking, and even some scenic pics.

I've been using the stock lens but also bought a fish-eye for doing some driving vids.

My overall comments on the camera:


  • VERY portable. I get more use out of my mirrorless than most people I know with full-body cameras because their's is big and heavy and they never want to take it anywhere. I got a small form-fitted leather case and it's great for hiking or even wearing around while I hangout with friends and stuff. It's always on-hand! (I don't carry a camera bag)
  • This camera has the best video quality out of ANY option I could find it it's price bracket.
  • The autofocus is incredible while taking video. (and very configurable too)


  • No view finder can make it difficult when trying to take 30 second exposure pics of night sky. (nothing to use for perfect focusing... the screen is just all black and you have to do it trial and error)
  • At 3.5f, the stock lens can sometimes be a bit fuzzy and difficult to get a sharp pick. Around 5f it's pretty dang sharp though.

I will pm you some sample stuff I've done over the last year with the camera...