Buying a laptop

Im in the market for a laptop. It will be mostly for coding.

I will be using it to run a smallish web server, (for development stages). Not sure if it will be running Linux, or Windows yet. Haven't decided between LAMP or WAMP.

So i need a powerful rig (needs to run Apache, MySQL, etc. and lets be honest Dota and cs:go are also a must) but i don't want it to be too large or bulky. Need a happy medium. Will need to carry it to school everyday. So, what do you guys think is the best rig for the money? I am looking to spend <$900.

This is a dell that I like, although screen size could be smaller.

Please share whatever you have got in mind.

Thanks in Advance.

I hear the XPS laptops are pretty great for coding. A used macbook would be pretty good for it too. I always like 4:3 or 5:4 laptops for code.

I bought my laptop from them.

Here is a laptop I found that seams to be a pretty good deal for the specs

You can get an X220 for ~$150, they can install core boot and install whichever OS you want, including OSX and they are cheap and parts are everywhere.