Buying a headset

I was thinking of getting a headset, or left 4 dead, but the headset would be better for me atm (sadly)

Just wondering if there's any new headsets out that are good for sound, and have a good working mic

When I got my pc I wanted the sonar 5.1 gaming headset, but yea, wondering if theres any better similarly priced headsets

if only I could be able to spent more of my Christmas money for myself (dad gave me money for Christmas) would be able to get both, I don't even have the left 4 dead demo =/

razer barracuda. maybe. or just get like some nice skullcandys? although im not sure how good of a company they are

I use a GameCom.. I'm not sure if the price would be worth it or not because im not that into headsets but its got nice surround and works good for me.


I've been looking at the Piranha, or the fatal1ty, though I've heard alot of bad shite about the fatal1ty.

Barracuda + $300 Microphone + $50 micstand + $100 mixer + $4 3.5mm adapter

Best sound experience ever.

"sonar 5.1 gaming headset"

my sonar blew out, so i no longer swear by them.

just buy something akg, sennheiser, or like audio technica

I just ordered Creative Fatal1ty... Cheap and works for me.

Now the only thing I need to be ultimate ready for gaming is a mousepad, couldnt afford QCK+ AND the headset, so Ill buy it next week or something...

I dont really want to use the headset for sound.. But for mic.

And you can also remove the mic and use it on the mp3 player... (Would've looked wierd with mic on lol )

i was planning on getting the faital1ty one because the mic is removable so i can use it with my mp3 player never go usb im going with audio ports from now on i hate usb headsets

I have the Fatal1y its pretty cool comes with a little leather carrying case too lol but the chatting is really clear and well it's by creative their pretty good but im glad i got it while i did.

Cancelled order lol... Choosing this one instead: