Buying a GPU and PSU

Hello Community,

I am planning on buying a GPU as i've been using an apu proccessor the amd A-10 5800K my budget is $400 tops and i currently have a 430W PSU and I plan on buying a R9 270 or R9 270X or I'd also consider a R9 280X (one of these). So the question id like help with is which is the best GPU to get and still afford a new PSU with 1000W also bronze certified and if possible it being modular.

Also I'd like to know if there is anything i should know before choosing a PSU or GPU like if their will be any compatibility issues

Here are the specs of my current computer:

Processor: amd A-10 5800k

Ram: 8GB 1866mhz


PSU: 430W 

If you need any additional information just ask, Thanks!

are you planning on using all of your psu? If not you might consider that if you are only running one GPU and aren't OC 'ing your apu like mad, that you might not need more than 600-700 watts.  I am running a quad core Intel with two gtx 760's and i have a 750watt psu which does just fine.  Granted AMD gpu's are hungry, i think the 280x double d only "requires" a 500w or maybe 600 watt psu.


A 430w power supply will be fine with a R9 270 or R9 270X.  If you want to go with a R9 280X, I would recommend you pick up a 550w power supply.

The motherboard you have is unable to take advantage of multiple GPUs.  Your APU will also very likely bottleneck two mid range GPUs.  You will never really need anything above 550w for a single GPU configuration.

All you need is a 650watt psu. 1000watts is for running 2 GTX 780 ti's or maybe even 3... All you really need is something with about 50 amps on the 12 volt rail. And that is with some extra space.

Here is what I would recommend:

its a r9 280x (a nicer version of the card) and a 650watt power supply by antec (a good company)

If you wanted to keep your PSU, you could easily fit a gtx 760 on the corsair builder series 430 watt power supply. The 760 is a little more powerful than the R9 270x

ah sorry for misleading i meant one out of the 3 gpu's i listed the 270,270x, or 280x

No, you were perfectly clear.  I was just saying that the build you have now is not optimal for running multiple GPUs.