Buying a Gaming Monitor

Hello, so, recently I've been thinking about this since last Feb when Benq Announced the Z-Series, I'm interested in buying a 144hz refresh rate gaming monitor. I'm seriously confused between either getting the XL2420Z or the XL2411Z. Mainly the difference is the S-Switch and a smaller bezel around the monitor on the XL2420Z, but there is almost 100 Euro difference, so I am really wondering if its worth the higher price...

Also if you have an electronic store (no Amazon/Ebay pls), which ships across europe and has BenQ in stock, link them below aswell.

Thanks! :)

in my opinnion €100 is alot of money. But maybe its worth it to you?.

Aren´t there any other brands 144hz monitors arround? i know Asus has a few.

Also where do you life? Europe is big lol..

i got a ASUS VG248QE and i love it. the brightness and contrast it came with was horrible but there are a lot of good settings from other people. 144hz is nice but it's still a TN panel. it's the best TN panel saw in my live but still, it's not an ips panel. there is a 1440p 144hz monitor from asus, but it costs a ton of money, 700 euro or so. the best gaming monitor is a 1080p 240hz monitor (imo), it's not true 240hz but 120hz with black screens between it. the great thing is that it's not a TN panel. but agian. it's like 450 euro. don't know which country in europe you are but if you speak dutch,

I think the panels are the same, but the software is different.

I would go for this:

It has all the great specs and response time, but is also as bright as the $350 Benq.

This AOC looks nice too, but I dont know much about the company.

I would look at the brightest model with the same specs, then lowest price. Once I have a monitor at the right settings, I dont play with it after that.

I'm from Malta :). Yeah there are others but afaik, The Z-Series came out this feb with latest firmwire so I figured that it's as latest as it gets.

You're right, an IPS panel blows away the TN-Panel, but I'm playing some heavy games lately which I want to have a high refresh rate monitor, and most of the games I can ramp them up too 120+ fps so, I'm missing out on a lot. Yeah the ASUS ROG Monitor is 850 Euro for 1440p 144hz, but, It is hard to get high fps on a resolution like that so it is a waste of money, Thanks for the vid btw, made me think a little about chaning my mind about the benq! :)

Hmm interesting monitor, that AOC one looks to be the exact price as the 2411Z, but I know so little about it, need to do my research, thanks buddy! :)

All the reviews say save your money and skip the switch model. Also that AOC is a nice find unfortunately its too new and there are no reviews i found for it. Chances are its the same panel. I do know BenQ is well known for excellent customer service.

I'm so confused what to choose now, the AOC model is the exact same price of the XL2411Z. For some reason, I'm still leaning to Benq..

The hz dont matter much after 60 man.. response time is the biggest thing. It is response time that causes ghosting on the screen and slow images... Dont worry about the refresh rate unless you are doing 3d TV. the 1 ms response time and brightness is what you really want. If there was an IPS panel that had 1ms response time but only 60 hz refresh time, then I would take the IPS panel over any stupid 144hz panel. the hz doesnt matter... of course the refresh rates and the response time are usually linked, but the response time is the most important.

1ms is a must. but the 144hz comes quickly after that. i can't switch back to 60hz. it's a big difference going from 144hz to 60hz. in singleplayer games it's not bad to have 60hz but in multiplayer i need the 144hz. 

is there a 1ms ips panel? if you don't have the gpu, a 60hz ips 1ms would be nice if your not used to 144hz. do you play a lot of singleplayer eyecandy games or more multiplayer games like cs go.

The sharpest eyes cant tell past 75hz plus/minus a few. so the whole 144hz is just a sales tool. If you really wanted the most hz then you could get an old CRT with does over 200. Response time is MUCH more important. I game on a samsung syncmaster t240 HD which is a 5ms gtg monitor at 60hz. It still works very good, but you can squeeze out a few more ms response time which is the time it takes for the pixels to change color basically. I wouldn't blow a lot of money on a 144hz monitor unless I was doing 3d. At any rate, all the monitors that are being considered ate 144hz.

i can feel the difference between 60hz and 144hz. it's really easy. just shake your mouse. since i have a 144hz monitor i can't play on a 60hz monitor anymore. singleplayer games at 60fps is oke but not great. as long as there isn't much action. have you ever used a 144hz for longer than a week? it's not really what you can see with your eyes. i believe 100% that i can't see the difference betweet 60hz and 144hz on a screen showing a picture or standing still in a game. but when running in a game for example or quickly turn 180 degrees it's really easy to tell if your running a 60hz monitor or a 144hz monitor. 

note: if you have a 144hz, you need to get 144fps, atleast 100fps. 144hz monitor and play 60fps is pretty stupid imo.

I don't have a 144hz monitor, but I have used them. Do a test to see where you cant tell the difference. Most sources say it at about 75hz +/- some, but under 100 that the human eye cant make a difference.

i did changed bf4 from 144hz to 60hz and i didn't enjoyed it. it's just true. after using a 144hz for 1-2 weeks you can tell the difference between them.

and that with the human eyes. sure i can't tell if it's 60hz or 144hz when playing a slow game or standing still in bf4 for example. i totally agree but when i watch a moving tree and i shake a bit with my mouse it's really easy which is 144hz and which is 60hz. linus did a video on 144hz monitor. a person who never used 144hz monitor was playing a game he never played on a system that wasn't his and he couldn't tell the difference, but linus know which hz it was in 2sec. i enjoy my 144hz a lot and i can recommend it if you have the gpu horsepower for it and depending on what games you play.

i got a 75Hz AH-ips monitor, and i play alot of racing games, like need for speed. and i dont manage any ghosting or lags or what so ever. And the color quality and viewing angles are much better then a TN panel.