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Buying a bike. Suggestions?

Howdy all,

I'm looking into buying my first motorcycle. I went to the dealership and thought that I might be interested in a Harley 889, but it was far to small for someone my size (6'2" 235). I am pretty set on getting a cruiser, but some suggestions would help me out.

well Harley´s are nice machines to look at.
Maybe an Harley Elektra glide?

Or BMW K-series

I'm pretty dead set on getting a Harley. My biggest restriction is the pricing though. I know I am going used for this first bike (since it will probably get damaged in some minor way) and I'm also trying to keep the price between 6k and 8k.

Yeah Harleys are great, especialy the sound.
My uncle had one.
They are indeed very expensive, especialy a Elektra Glide.
But maybe if you are lucky you could find one somewhere.

Well, if you're dead set on a Harley and only wanting to spend 6K-8K look around on craig's list in your area. There are always a bunch of them on there. Too bad you're only wanting a Harley though, Jap bikes are some good cruisers as well and will generally out last and out perform a Harley and are less expensive too.


Might I recommend something. The vstars are absolutely amazing. Much cheaper than the harleys. I have been on a few of each and for the money you get a way better bike with the vstars. Buying a harley is like buying a mac. You are paying for the name. Not that they are bad bikes but in my opinion they are way overpriced. My father has a yamaha warrior and that is like the coolest cruiser ever. Super fast and super cool. I would much rather have an FJR or goldwing than a cruiser though. Its way more comfortable for my body type. Currently own an FZ1.


Couldn't agree with you more. Vstars are some of the best bikes of that type. Harleys have gone through a lot over the years. They were good. Then they were absolute shit for a really long time. Now they are starting to get better again. That being said, you're really paying for the name. You want your first motorcycle to be something that you can get out and ride all the time. To get used to riding a bike. Harleys are nice but too expensive and not worth the hype. I'd never recommend one as a first motorcycle.

Cheapest Harley new is about $7000. You can get a VStar for around $4000....

Get a Huffy.

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You should let other people ride it if they like.

You should get it with a basket, a bell that rings, and things to make it look good.

You should give it to other people if you could, but you borrowed it.

Thumbsup to whoever gets this.

I'd ride it only if I could wear my cloak. Sadly it is ripped and a bit of a joke.

There's someone in my area selling a 2005 V Star Silverado with 5k miles on it for $2500 but it would take me some time to get that cash together, and I doubt they would hold it for me.

I was going to say that if you're dead set on a Harley, avoid the AMF's. That was a bad time for Harley Davidson, and those AMF's did a lot to destroy HD's reputation.

My dad has a Harley road king but by no means do you have to venture into Harleys expensive lineup.. Great bikes.. Very good sound.. Very nice bikes overall... I hope he can hand me his someday lols... They are fairly easy to fix ... In the us you need to be choosy on parts though.. :) hit Craig list for the motor cycle... And as long as the engine is sound even if you have to do some work.. Its time well spent


thumbsup <3

Venturing into dark corners of the forum... lol. I don't think 14 days is too old to contribute.

I think I would steer away from a bigger Harley as a first bike. They are very heavy and even an experienced rider can be caught off guard quite easily.

You might look into an older Honda cruiser to start with as they are lighter weight, reliable, and cheap. I personally like the Magna's since instead of a normal V-Twin it's a V4 engine and has a very unique sound. However a Shadow offers the V-Twin sound and you can get up to a 2006 or so for about $4000

Yamaha TDM, good cruiser for a big guy

could step up to something a little different. Its really nice for taller people.

I have the same one and just did a 5 hour canyon ride today. I had no problems keeping up and passing a CBR1000 and a few ninja 650s. they are a blast. You didn't mention if you were married or not. I am and it was easy to get her to let me buy it because it is legal in all states/most countries, you can slap a dirt tire set on it and hit the dirt. Easy justification as it can do street, dirt, highway (topped mine out at 97 today on some nice turns), and I get 60ish mpg.

There is my input. Cheers!

Don't get a Harley for your first bike. And don't get something too big and heavy with too much power. You'll need to learn how to control a bike first. You don't want to risk damaging something that you intend to keep for a long time like a Harley Davidson. Or hurting yourself, god forbid. You will tip over a large bike as a beginner. I can guarantee it. It will fall down at least once until you learn how to properly handle it.

I've been riding for 40 years. My wife just started riding her own bike a little less than a year ago. We have our own broadcast AM radio show that is motorcycle related.

My advice is simple:

  1. Ride what you like, like what you ride. (Don't let other people decide for you)
  2. Your first bike will fall over, with you on it. (For her first bike, we found a 2007 Kawasaki Vulcan 500 for $800 on Craigslist. Less than a year later she traded it in for a Harley Davidson Fat Boy. Dealership gave us $1600 for her trade)
  3. Take a rider's course. (The skills you learn in this course will accelerate your learning curve)
  4. If you put your leg across a motorcycle, you're doomed. (It's an addiction that will never let go of you and you will never look at traveling or commuting the same way again. I am constantly looking for excuses to ride my bike.)

There is a great website for tall people like me (or shorties) its
They have pretty much every bike in their and you can adjust your measurements and even the bikes handlebar position and all kinds of things.

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