Buying a 1440p Monitor, 980Ti vs 970 in SLI, and a free GTX 970

Hey guys, after building my 2000$ PC (Check my previous post) I've been using my dual GTX 970's with an LG 29" Ultrawide monitor with FreeSync (mistake according to most, but the freesync or adaptive sync in the monitor actually works with the 970s. Maybe someone can clarify that for me), and I've been holding on to some extra cash which I plan on spending on upgrades, and fixing mistakes from this build (First computer build alone.)

First and foremost I need to change the monitor, which many people in my first post pointed out was a mistake since my video cards clearly cant take advantage of the technology in the monitor.
G-Sync is the main priority here along with having 100Hz or more in the monitor, with that said here is a list of monitors I found to be "top of the line."

ROG Swift PG278Q 27"
WQHD 1440p Monitor
Excellent Build quality
G-Sync enabled
1ms response time

TN panel
Matt panel

(I realize there is a PG279Q monitor, which is an new IPS version of the ROG swift but it isn't readily available anywhere near me.)

ACER XB270HU 27"
WQHD 1440p Monitor
G-Sync Enabled
IPS panel

IPS Bleed (Common issue in reviews)
Build quality not there for $750

Those are the two options I've looked at, if anyone can recommend a +100Hz, 1440p Monitor I missed or should consider please comment it down below I'll look into it and try to come upon a decision. Or if someone thinks one of these monitors are my best option that works also, After using my 29" ultra wide monitor I'm sort of attached (or just used to?) the ultra wide screen. If anyone can find an ultra wide monitor that can fit the specs that would be awesome. I know there is also a few Korean monitors that seem to

Now my video cards... Bumping up to a 1440p monitor with 100Hz or more might be a problem with my two GTX 970's. I'm inclined to believe that they can max out the Hz (FPS) on 1440p if I lose Anti-Aliasing and lower my graphic settings to High. If they can't reach 100Hz or higher, then I'm going to sell one 970 on craigslist for about $250 (approx. cost in my area for used 970) and buy a 980Ti (which is what i should have bought to begin with.) Before anyone misunderstands me, I know a single 980Ti wont suffice to get the FPS that I'm looking for, but I plan on getting a second 980Ti to run in SLI early next year.

Regardless, Basically I need help deciding on a monitor. I'll buy the monitor probably in the next day or two. If the 970s don't hold up I plan on buying the 980ti in the next week. Also, I'm going to give away the a 970, when i upgrade. Ill create a new topic as soon as I get the 980Ti, or have the money in hand. Everyone in this community is really helpful.

As a side note, I know most people here are part of team red (Go AMD! get a Fury X), Sadly I'm fixed on Nvidia. Sorry if that disappoints anyone. Also does anyone know how I can get a Hall of Fame 980Ti from Galax? There's a waiting list on their main website and from I can see there's no third party sellers of their video cards. Does anyone have info on this? Also, what 980ti should I get? The lightning looks promising (I associate extra cost with better performance), but it would be nice if someone knowledgeable can guide me on which to pick out.

I appreciate all advice and i want to say thank you ahead of time, everyone here is very useful.

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Why don't you just like, get a Fury card and actually use free-sync with your current display, sell the 970s, and then end up with a 1440p 144hz tn free-sync display in conjunction with your ips display for daily use?

a hall of fame 980ti is so not worth it, those cards are meant to be LN2 cooled

it's not yet possible to use free-sync with nvidia cards as nvidia hates freedom


That's definitely an option, and it would save me money on the monitor since Freesync monitors are cheaper than G-sync. When it comes down to the fury x against the 980 ti. isn't the 980ti better because of the extra 2 gb of memory? Also with Nvidia supporting so many AAA game developers and most current games runing gameworks (Nvidia's dirty secret), it's the main reason I chose nvidia to begin with.
Also, the hall of fame is made for cryogenic cooling, I didn't notice that thank you

getting a fury would be much more logical.. 2gb is negligible unless if you're like me and do an insane amount of texture modding and draw distance tweaks to your games, you'll lose you framerate before you run out of memory on a Fury.

I agree with @Streetguru it would be much more logical just to switch to team red at this point.

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The 980ti is faster because the Fury X doesn't overclock as well as it. although neither are really worth it overall, you need 2 game well at 4k anyways, a non X Fury at 4k can almost keep up as well.

also a 1440p 144hz tn Free-sync display is $400 right now, seems to be about $200 cheaper than the lowest G-sync display, this one has the full range for free-sync as well, sale seems to end in december though

There's a clear difference between the Fury X and the 980 Ti, but for some reason getting reliable information online seems to be a problem. Here's an example

According to this video the 980Ti takes the lead ahead of the Fury X

Where as according to this one Fury X has a slight lead over the 980Ti and even the Titan X in most games.

So I'll hold off on the video card temporarily. I can return the G-sync monitor in 30 days or less if I decide that the 970's aren't keeping up and I need a stronger card. You guys think i should just grab one of the two I listed above? @Streetguru

the differences are all going to depends on settings and clock speeds, although the Fury X does have a decent advantage with it's radiator for ITX builds, although, really, neither are worth buying in particular from a performance per dollar stand point,

for the price of one of those displays you could almost get a 390 with the 1440p 144hz display listed above, and pick up a 2nd 390 down the line, or save up for the Fury X 2

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Video Card: PowerColor Radeon R9 390 8GB PCS+ Video Card ($298.99 @ SuperBiiz)
Monitor: Asus MG278Q 144Hz 27.0" Monitor ($400.98 @ Newegg)
Total: $699.97
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That's a good point, I have a friend that claims he can get me the ROG Swift pretty cheap with his employee discount. I'll see how much that comes out to Tmrw. If not Ill consider team Red honestly.