Buying 900 series cards, or waiting for a 1070?

Now that Nvidia has announced/released their 1070s and 1080s I am assuming that the prices of their older cards are going to go down, or there will be people selling their 900 series cards in order to upgrade.

I have no real interest in VR--at least I'm not going to be buying any VR equipment--and I know these new cards are better suited to that. From what anyone knows about the new cards compared to their older ones, would it be worth looking for 980s and higher GPUs from Nvidia as they get cheaper, or should I just save up for a 1070?

RX 480, as you'll save money on the adaptive sync display, it's basically a $200/250 390X


I feel a lot of GTX960s will be going up for sale on ebay and Craigslist....including mine! :D

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I'd really hold off on any 900 series cards until Polaris and lower end Pascal stuff drops. Will probably be faster and cheaper and we all know what nVidia does to their previous generation GPUs... Only a matter of time until it happens to Maxwell.

Nvidia has priced their new cards so they don't really have to bother changing the process of the old cards.

What do you have now? The thing is, AMD is expected to cover everything under 300$, Nvidia is expected to cover everything over 300$ and they are doing good job so far with 700$ gpu. So if you don't want to spend 400+$ on a GPU, wait until 29'th and see what AMD have to offer. 1070 is not going anywhere...

If you want to stick with NVidia I'd say wait for the 1070.

Personally, I think I'm going to go with the RX480, but we'll see. I don't see any need to upgrade yet, so I'm going to wait until they've been out a while and drivers are up to par and all that.

If you really want an Nvidia card get a GTX 1070, BUT for the love of the consumer wait until AMD Polaris stuff comes out.

Well a 1070 is just a fixed 980 by the graphs... Do what you want but I'm giving AMD the ante here.

I would look at the RX 480 in your case. Makes much more sense than the 1070.

Nobody recommends waiting for 490? If last gen was any indication it should be better or on par with the 1070 (that being said, I don't keep up with rumors and whatnot so this is purely speculation on my part).

I bought a 960 full price a month ago (:


I have a R9 390X at the moment. My issue with it is that the XFX model has an annoyingly loud fan... The card stays at around 78-82C while gaming, sometimes a little hotter. It sounds like a vacuum running on my desk when the fans ramp up. My plan at the moment is to get a Kraken G10 and replace the cooler with that in a hope to make it quieter... As far as I can tell it should work, even though it isn't listed as compatible on NZXTs site... I think the XFX card uses the referene PCB design.

You know the Kracken G10 is just the bracket and a fan on it? You need to buy separate AIO to mount on it...

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Just wait for the RX 480, and then sell your 390X, it'll run much cooler by default because it'll use less than half the power a 390X uses.

Or upgrade your display to a high end display before getting a higher end GPU

That is a sidestep, IMO not a good option and a waste of money.

Not exactly a waste if he's able to sell the card for a decent amount and basically just get a really cheap 480, and then he'd have a better cooler

but ya it's an odd option.

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Yeah, I have an AIO that is compatible. But one fan on a good AIO will not be as loud as the ones on this card (I am assuming).