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Left 4 Dead 2 hits $3 in Halloween Themed PC Gaming Sale

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There should be a column for "Featured on WASD"...

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Left 4 Dead 2 hits $3 in Halloween Themed PC Gaming Sale

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Metro redux link is broken,

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34" LG Curved 1440p Monitor Drops $300 & a 28" 4K for $379

19 hours 33 min ago

I hear allot of reports from users(ex) of these...

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chris beer scammer ctaber2011

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GTA V Drops 48% & Acer Budget Gaming Laptop $450

2 days 1 hour ago

For what its worth they're an authorized...

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pfSense: How to Turn an Old PC into an Epic Router

2 days 7 hours ago

Now we have the PC Engines...

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Build a Workstation PC - Our Dual Xeon Build and Guidelines to Help With Yours

2 days 10 hours ago

HiI am planning on assembling a dual XEON...

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Black YouTube Theme

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@Logan @MayflowerElectronics

Thanks for the videos guys, especially to Tyler for investing in a flight to do the videos.

Would be nice to have a video (or a segment in a future video) on PC desk 'friendly' 5.1 setups, cause we all know those can be a pain. However, trust me they are worth it! Nothing like being in a big city market in the Witcher 3 and hearing the chatter all around you. Being in the forest during a storm is also pretty amazing in a 5.1 setup.

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Thanks Logan and Tyler. I love these videos. Always informative and honest. You guys always make me want to go out and get something new. I'm fine with the speakers I have, but darn it, there are even better ones out there and now I want to try them.

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I think it's totally kickass that Tyler has his own company and website now! Good for him.

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Gezzz thought I was “shot-call’en big-ball’en” with my Xonar/Corsair combo…………. i just had to watch the video :/

My recommendation for a living room speaker are XTZ. I had the XTZ 99.26

And they freaking rock! Even beats the B&W 805s in some tests.

B&W 805s is not a bad speaker. But the XTZ 99.26 is surprisingly better at reproducing both bass and treble range, despite the fact that is costs only a third of the price for the B&Ws. XTZ is also a better allround speaker than KEF XQ20. This Swedish speaker is nothing less than a sensation, and undoubtedly offers the best value for money

Personally I rock a pair of Adam A-7 (Which I can't find a link for) And used them with a KRK S10 Sub (That decided to die on me a couple of weeks ago -_-) But yeah a really cool system I would say! The Adams have a great sound though they do lack a bit in the low end (Not that bad for metal but still, I do like to feel the bass)

I personally rock a pair of Bowers and Wilkins 683 and I don't think I'l even need new speakers.

These in my opinion are solid speakers that will last forever as long as you take care of them. Sound is near perfect and price is just about right for price/quality ratio. Any higher and would not be worth it.

Let me know what you think of these for over 250$. I think these are about 1500$ a pair.

Don't even need the sub-woofer since the woofers on these are adequate for bass. Of course it's not the same but if you're in an apartment like I am, sub-woofer is useless.

Towers are the way to go to get great sound over the full frequency range (save maybe for deep bass). They are a bit unwieldy for a PC setup, but well worth trying to fit into a system if you can.

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Right if you are like me who doesn't sort music by genre or anything like that and just like to listen to anything...Cerwin-Vega XLS 215 is the way to go! At first they sounded kinda meh...But then one day just magic happened.

I'd like a video about good DIY tutorials for speakers, and maybe good store to get parts as low cost as possible. Just showcasing what's available and if Tyler has (I'm sure he does) some good advice in the DIY field.

A pair of used krk rokit 5s can be had for around $150. They are powered and they have balanced inputs. This is a must for critical listening. They are boosted a bit in the low range, but you can adjust this to your room on the back of each speaker.

There is a lot more to rokit sound then just that. They basically are powered speakers rather than a monitors.

I bought a pair of Wharfdale Diamond 10.2's, and they truly were awesome. I got mine for $300 (I have a connect in Chicago, so let me know if you are here and want them), and I have enjoyed them. I did add a sub, but I used them for everything. I ended up selling the whole setup (I fixed a broken receiver I got on ebay for $30), but it was awesome while it lasted. The best part is that the cabinet is real wood, like quality furniture. The sound really is great.

Also, they do not mention, but if you are not using these for a home theatre, do NOT get a surround sound receiver. Get a two-channel amp or a music-oriented receiver/amp from Pioneer Elite or Yamaha. Also, audio has not advanced much over the last twenty years. it is totally cool to buy old crap. Pioneer made some amazing gear back in the day, as did Sony, Sansui and Kenwood (avoid anything Kenwood has made recently). For modern gear go Yamaha, Pioneer, Onkyo, Cambridge Audio, rotel and there are a ton of new cool stuff. For older stuff, Pioneer, Onkyo, Denon, Sony, and a bunch of other cool gear. Check out forums and hit Craigslist and ebay. Some times pawn shops are a good bet. I bought a Rotel amp (that weighed a metric ton), and resold on ebay for some cash. Also, if you can fix electronics, then you can make money buying "broken" receivers and amps on ebay. Most just need a new fuse or some soldering.

First and foremost I apologize for reviving this topic.

General use (Movies, shows, music near all genres, light audio production)
Currently leaning towards Swans M50W. Aside from audio quality. I would like a mixer w/ controls (prefer knob for volume, bass, treble) jack(s) at least headphone. Looks I guess I’m a bit picky on. I understand they are for sound though if they are also to appear in videos and what not I would professionally appealing gear. I have a minor issue with the rounded profile on the swans to be honest.
Prior I was looking into studio monitors and compiled the following list, though I don't feel it's an absolute must for me to venture that direction. Any further advice or sense of direction?

KRK RP5g3-NA Rokit 5
Alesis Elevate 5
Adam Audio A5X
Event 20/20 Bas V3
Yamaha NS-10M
equator d5