Buy the i5-4690k now or wait for the new i5 to come out

I'm really on the fence about this, i'll be building my PC end of may or in the middle of june. With this time frame the new CPUs are very close by.... What do i do?

I personally considered the same thing myself a few months ago after the initial release of Broadwell and what I decided was that it was not worth going with Broadwell since it is a tick and not a tok in Intel's development Cycle. It is a known fact that Intel will release a new product and then their next release will be an architectural improvement of the previous product. So Broadwell is a tick and will not have a great deal of improvement from Devil's Canyon, but Skylake will be a tok which means it will be an architectural improvement and that is where you will see some improvement.

I went with the i7-4790k with plans to wait for Skylake before upgrading. I personally recommend that you do the same.

dont expect much of an improvement with broadwell over Devils Canyon.
Most improvements will be on the igpu side.
Not so much in raw cpu performance.

Most in my experience go with the general idea that "Don't wait for the 'next big thing' to come out, if you need something now, get what is the best at the very moment." Even if that means it isn't the best in a few months.

As MisteryAngel said, the increase will not be that high. I'd say get the 4690k if that is what you want, you will love it.

Thanks guys,
I think that i will get the 4690k sooner rather than later.

Skylake is supposedly a decent improvement. You might wait until then. That should come in Q3 of this year.

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I say wait. Newer is almost always better.

The CPU might not make that much of an improvement, but if you wait you might have the money saved up to get a good z170 board with all those new features that are supposed to be coming out.

well im doing a scratch build so all the components would be new... what does the newer chipset add? usb 3.1 im guessing, but thats not exactly new (Z97a has that already).

unlocked skylake chips wont be their till Q2 2016 most likely.

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People are still buying 4460 and 4590 series chips. Unless it's a huge upgrade like you're running a 45nm chip, I would pass on buying a new one.

Generally, the new processors from Intel since the release of Sandy Bridge has had 5-10% performance increase. I expect nothing more than that from Intel this time around.

New i5 as in Broadwell? If that's the case, it's going to be a step back. Get either a Devil's Canyon, or wait for Skylake. And since Skylake won't be anything spectacular, when compared to Devil's Canyon, I'd recommend going with that route. The Devil's Canyon, that is.

If you're primary use for the pc is gaming dont worry about the upcoming cpu's. Focus your attention on the gpu's.
Current gen or 2 gens old i5/i7 will still be rocking in the free world for some time to come.

Well i'll be developing games on mine and maybe i'll have a little project with kinect (unrelated to games) so that 5-10% would be nice to help process the data/compile faster.

did you ever concidered a Xeon E3-1231-V3 then?
4 haswell cores 8 Threads, for just a few bucks more then a 4690k.

Big plus, is that you can trow that Xeon E3, on a cheaper H97 mobo for example, so you can save some bucks.
Of course its not overclockable, but you do get those extra threads for your productivity work.
You could also take a look at the Xeon E3-1241-V3, 3.5GHz base, 3.9Ghz turbo, way enough to maxout any single gpu on the market today.

You got me thinking about the Xeons as i'd never really thought about using server grade hardware in a system. After looking for a bit i found the Xeon E3-1241-V3. Imma see if i can get this for a decent price in the UK :)

Check Overclockers UK as well. They can have some nice things hidden away.

I've just looked they don't stock the E3-1241-V3, sadly there are no real pc websites that stock this in the UK so i'm going to have to get it from newegg and pay ridiculous shipping to get it too me :(