Buy my stuff 2022 - 3900X 1225v2 NEW

I have shit to do and atm employment is on the wait for a call back. So for the moment I am selling what I don’t need. I need shipping to be paid tho.

If any purchases happen today, I am going to mail it out asap. Payments thru paypal.

Pm for email.

Asus P3b-F. - 120 plus shipping

Will send slicket, ram, and spare proc

Msi b150 bazooka

50 bucks plus shipping

Ibm thinkpad TransNote, with pad no pen has charger missing hdd door (I have it… somewhere. Will send when I find it)

180 plus shipping

Rx 480 pulled from my system. Works, not oc’d.

Asking 220

Will bote: if this doesn’t get picked up its getting ebayd

Sold to @w.meri


Blizzard today, might have a delay for a few days but if anyones buying I’m about to drive in it hmu fast

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Is that a P3 CPU? Man, I haven’t seen those in ages.

Nope thats a pentium 2. Other chip that cones with it is a katmai 266, this is a P2 era celeron. a400 if you know the model.

All of my shit is basically for documentation or playing with.

Ahh … i didn’t remember the Celeron’s/P2’s being on the riser slot system.

Yerp they were budget
Slash businesses didn’t want a p3

Wish I had some cash right now to help you out. I want some of those old boards to do some vintage builds with.

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Whats your interest? I can look around.

What are the specs on this guy?

The specs arrrre…. Sold. Sorry, I was asleep x.x

All good

I’m realizing my irl struggle a lot more and will not be selling my 3900x