Buy just one game this year?

If I buy just one game ($60) from 2012, which game should I buy?

I enjoy all kinds of games. FPS, RPG, Adventure, etc. Except casual games.

So, what are your suggestions? is a pretty good list

I would buy Natural Selection 2, starcraft 2 hots if it's worth the money, dishonoured sounds interesting, arma 3 might have good mods, or that mech warrior remake i loved mechwarrior3.

am guessing you want a time consuming game if your only gonna buy one for the year 


Skyrim (for PC, ps3 got game breaking bugs)

you can spend like hundreds of hours in that game, and with all the mods out for it, its an incredible game 

and also FFXIV but its not a free to play MMO , it hasn't come out yet but it looks really good and based on the last one its very time consuming so its all the game you need


garrys mod. i put 2000 hours into that and still not bored of it.

you can build shit, learn coding, play deathmatch games, rp, you name it... it has it.

Half-Life 2 (and Episodes 1 and 2), Crysis, and Natural Selection 2. 

It doesn't have to be a multi-hour game (Heard of Garry's Mod. Haven't tried it yet. Have Skyrim) but it should just be a good game. I'm waiting for May of 2013. Remember Me's supposed to be released and I can't wait.

You might like Hitman: Absolution

Far Cry 3 is the only game that's really caught my attention at all this year. I'm looking forward to picking it up sometime. I've never played a Far Cry game before.

i would get 2 30$ games on sale :P

Save your money. Get CS:Go

buy garrysmod... its 5 dollars right now. actualy, get css with it too....

sc2 is like $20  right now. 

steam film maker and garrys mod will entertain and educate for hours, and you'll still have 55 to spend

My suggestion would be Borderlands 2. The game is awesome and has great replay value

Honestly I would just put the money towards the F2P game Tribes: Ascend, that game has been stealing my life all year.

A lot of people find Warcraft and Diablo addicting.


If day z actually goes standalone this year i would say get that.