Buy a GTX 770 (When it comes out) right away?

Hey all,

I ask this because the GTX 770 will probably be around $350-$450 when it comes out, and I was wondering if I should wait a month or 2 for the price to come down, if it would very much. What do you guys think? Thanks! 

It's unlikely that the price of the GTX 770 woud drop after a couple of months.  The GTX 680's price has barely moved, and it's been out for over a year.  Even so, $450 is would still be a good price for the GTX 770, assuming it has all of the features of the GTX 780, and manages to be a little faster (around 10% is the prediction) than the GTX 680.

The 770 should be out within the next week. And to be honest, I wouldn't expect a price drop on it any time soon. Maybe in some special summer sales, or if you buy one second hand. Other than that, the price drops if any will be made on the 600 series cards. I wouldn't expect anything more than $30 price drop on any of the 700 series cards this early. 

If you're adamant about getting the 770, then waiting for a price drop might not be enough for you. As I was saying earlier, its more likely for the 600 series of cards to get price drops and the 770 is essentially slated to be a rebadged 680 with different clock speeds and a higher vram. If the extra gig of vram isn't of interest to you, then I suggest you take a look at some of the 680's and 670's already out. Some other cards worth checking out would be the AMD 7970 and 7950. All of them are powerful and proven cards, and you'd save some money on them too. The AMD cards come with a sweet game bundle as well.

Unless there is a compelling reason for the 770 such as better power/noise/temperature performance, I don't see the attraction. If priced above the 680/670, it won't be worth it IMO. Of course, we haven't seen benchmarks yet so there still might be a surprise coming with the GTX 770 (although doubtful.)

Well, the 770 is here, and honestly i reccomend it, and i dont in a way. Its a cheaper 680 with faster memory speeds, gpu boost 2.0 and a nice reference cooler. However, the 680 is beating it occasionally in tests. We'll have to see driver improvements first. Dont jump on it right away, maybe wait a little and see some official drivers. If your going to wait, just save some more money and get the 780.

GTX 770 > GTX 680.

Linus just did his compare and the 770 on par with the 680

The 780 and titan stand alone in performance while the 680/770/7970 are about the same while the 660TI is starting to lag behind all of them.


From what I can tell the 770 is getting beat by the 680 so I'd say wait until newer drivers come out. Once they are out then it should show how much better the 770 is over the 680.