Buy 1+1 or wait 64bit

Hi everyone, i really need a phone right know. current phone is a lg optimus l7 which is horrible and doesn't charge the way it used to. i need to hold it with a 10 degrees angle -_-. the oneplus one (1+1) showed up in the store and it was 399 dollar for the 16gb version (295 euro's) the 64gb should be 300 euro in my country and 350 dollar in the US. pretty sure isn't dutch (the Netherlands/Holland). does someone knows if i need to pay taxes? and i can't find if i need to pay extra fee because i'm from a different country.

if i need to pay more i might buy the oppo find 7/7a. i heard some stuff about the qualcomm 805 808 810 but i don't know when the first phones will come. And will it be worth it to wait?


EDIT: the 64bit processors will come somewhere in 2015 which is way to late. i found some sellers but they don't seem trusted. i site sells the 64gb version which isn't out yet i believe. should i buy the 64gb from SPEmail for 350 euro's?

the website's are all chinese crap so i will wait sadly. trying some custom roms on my lg. lg software slows it down so much.

The OnePlus phones that aren't sold by OnePlus have some carrier restrictions and no warranty, from what I understand.


obvious scammer? wtf do you think. not sure if it's legal, but i'm not gonna give you 50 dollar to buy an invite which you probably don't have anyway.

You need to pay VAT, they scan packages and if it's something expensive like a smartphone you have to present the invoice.
On the no warranty thing - they'll replace it if it's severely defective. within the first year, they usually test them before they ship them out.

I have a chinese smartphone so i had to work around that. Good thing it had no severe defects,.