But will it fit?

To make a long story short; I like the ft05 from silverstone, for the chimney design. But I am not shure if I can use a NH-D15 (noctua) with the included fans. I am planning to get the version without the window, so I will have more clearence. The Silverstone site says that it shouldn't fit, but several (old) treads on multiple forums say otherwhise. 

I want to know if anyone has any experience with this combination, or can suggest any other good chimney-style cases, other then the rv05, which I do not like for the looks. 

ask the other forum for picture proof?//?/ 

what does Silverstone say the clearance is in the rv05?

The "other forum" I was talking about are treads on multiple websites like ltt, where the last post was half a year ago. So this is why I wanted to make a new tread. 

The clearance on the rv05 is 170mm, which is more than the ft05.

if they did get it to fit ... I will bet it was only with a single fan. ... especially if you have tall heat spreaders on the ram.

here is the skinny on the Noctua NH-D15 ... heatsink Dimensions: 165 x 150 x 161 mm w/o fans


and the rv05 ..... 162mm clearance


and the ft02   .... 165mm clearance


Any suggestions for an other good air cooler? It seems like the NH-D14 will fit: http://www.noctua.at/pdf/infosheets/noctua_nh_d14_datasheet_en.pdf

But I would really like the performance like the nh-d15, wich beats AIO's like the h100i. Because I want quiet and performance first in this build. I don't want flashy leds or big windows, which is why I want this case, so I don't care that the cablemanagement is avarage in this case. 

Yep the D14 wil fit ... as long as your ram is not too tall as with all of the larger air coolers

D14 specs ...


Got it! Thanks for your help, have a nice day :D