But does it Djent?

Found a goofy video that's kinda awesome

Now, on to the discussion:

I've only come across one band so far that has identified their music as "djent", Conducting From The Grave:

Is Djent an actual thing? And if so, where can I find more of it? I always assumed it was an element that of deathcore. I tried searching around, but found one other band, Tesseract.

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I believe djent traditionally focuses on whats sometimes refered to as binary playing where a lot of open strings are interspersed into the guitar/bass playing. The sound is also achieved by extra low tunings and sort of machine-like rhythm. It's kind of a nebulous term since I've heard people refer to bands like meshuggah as djent and what you've linked here is entirely different. From what I've heard, the term is mainly synonymous with the rhythm, binary structure, and low tunings like I mentioned before and not so much the vocal style used, etc.

I believe that Rob Scallon's video below is supposed to be a satire on the djent-like sound


As far as I know the internet argument is still on regarding whether or not Animals as Leaders can be considered djent. But it says so on wikipedia so that's enough for me.

I've heard the same.

The whole djent thing is funny because the style is nothing new at all. It was used in tech/death music for quite some time. However djent bands decided to hone in on the one sound and make it their focus.

Cunts get in line

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I mentioned meshuggah up above. However, I kind of choose to not recognize djent as a real thing for the reason I stated above, so I'll classify them as something else :D

Djent is totally a thing. You just need some bands to listen to is all.

Animals As Leaders -Particularly the Joy In Motion album
Chimp Spanner

That should be a pretty good mix for you. Animals As Leaders and Chimp Spanner can be a bit more technical, ambient, and instrumental. TesseracT has a bit of the above but with vocals and some screams. Periphery is interesting. Just listen to all of it and enjoy it man.


dafuq did I just listen to? I don't understand this music at all...

I love Meshuggah and i have to admit i didnt like the new album colossus at all at first but then last week i was drinking and just played it and it must have clicked or something because i just listened to the entire album and really liked it. kindo of weird.

I love SteveTerreberry too, but I also feel like some of his stuff is overdone.

Likely you just listened to simplified techdeath or prog. Folks boiled down techdeath and heavy prog to form djent. They took the sometimes odd time signatures, binary rhythms, and low tunings of techdeath and heavy prog sound and removed all the other more interesting characteristics :D

Likely I don't listen to any metal. ;)

we can change that :D


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relevant so I will necro this a bit.

This should drive the point home pretty well :D
this is all real, but done as a joke video in case anyone is wondering :D

I'm a bit late to the party here, but I went to see Animals As Leaders the other day- I'd definitely consider them djent. Plini opened for them, but I think they're more prog metal.

Jealous. I had to miss AAS and Plini when they rolled through Minneapolis.

I'd also consider AAS as djent, although I feel like that fades a bit with each new release. Slowly transitioning into a more straight up progressive metal with heavy jazz influences (which both have always been present).

I'm happy AAS didn't ruin the music with annoying vocals. :)

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ughhhh YESSSSS
the sweet....SWEET sound of TesseracT