Busted WPA-PSK

For some time I used the key below as WPA2-PSK on my home wireless but several devices (laptops, phones, tablets) and wireless-routers (I've used a a few to experiment with this) had problems with this key while other worked fine. I think a trend seems to have been that older devices would work better. AFAIK the key does comply with the key requirements. Any suggestions for why this is or willing testers? Does it work on your wireless? Obviously I suspect big government for not approving keys not on their key-ring cough


On my harware it works. I suspect bad escaping inside the firmwares where it does not work. I guess its the ! most of the time and for some the # that kicks the fimwares ass

Fair point! It does however seem odd that with both wireless-routers there were both clients that worked and not. So basically if the issue is with escape characters the same error would be present on both client and ap.

Thanks for giving it a try!

If both clients did not work with the same router, and both did work with the other .. than its still the router.

I said the opposit and it's more than two clients tested on each router and for both routers some clients worked and some didn't, so it's not conclusive that the problem is related to a particular router.

Than its not, indeed. Sorry for misunderstanding, I am not native speaking.
Which leads to my saying... "a cable is a cable" I hardly ever had no problems with WLan since it exists