Business Opportunity From Tom Wheeler

Google might actually want this unregulated internet to exist. It is actually really good business for them. If ATT, Verizon, Comcast, etc start the fast lane. Google can step in and say we offer cheaper and at the same time much faster internet. We wont censor sites, we wont have fast lanes as these others want. They do offer a tiered system, but the thing is it isnt creating a bandwidth cap. It is tiered in the sense that you pay more for faster internet (which is acceptable in my opinion). As in paying for 25mbps or 50mbps, but what is unacceptable are bandwidth caps (permitting someone to 100 or 200 gb per month of download and upload) and the fast lane idea. Where you pay good money for 50mbps but can only access a select few sites at that speed. All sites should be accessible at that speed. ISPs would like you to think it is all about the planet running out of bandwidth. It isnt, as Google has showed they are offering much faster internet for a whole hell of a lot less. Currently I am paying 170 a month for 50mbps down and 5 up. Guess what, I am getting throttled on the weekends with peak usage. I get on weekends about a tenth of the speed I am supposed to receive. This also include basic cable for my grandma (she is the only one who watches tv in my house). 

Google has seen this as an opportunity, so I don't see them actually supporting net neutrality at all. I think their support for it is solely a publicity stunt. To get saps like use on this site to support them as a company. We should use the opportunity to start our own ISP. Should we?

We shouldn't trust anyone at this point.

yeah......... everyone is corrupt and mad with power