Bulding a rig for under 200 without graphic cards

can anyone help me build the cheapest rig possible for under 200 without graphics card all i need is a motherboard, CPU and power supply. i only have my gaming rig right now with 2 270x mining .


What will the PC be used for? Will you be supplying your own graphics card to the new build? Do you want the cheapest build possible or the best rig for $200?

If all you need is just the motherboard, CPU and PSU, you could go with something like this...

AMD: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/2D7JT

Intel: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/2D7O6


So, you don't need a chassis, ram, or storage?

this is going to be a litecoin/alt coin mining rig only. i already have 2 270x, i want to buy other one and buy a cheap Gpu for my gaming rig for now.and cheapest build possible so i can just stick some gpu in it

no i have some spare cases, ram and hardrives.. i like to hoard old computer for parts

so i brought a Amd Fx-4130,ULTRA LSP SERIES V2 750W ATX POWER ,and ASUS M5A97 LE for 242 dollars and brought three 270x for 720 i now have 2350 kh/s with two rigs  plus this was basically free since i cashed out some of my dogecoins i had.. i was gong to buy some 280xs but the prices are 500+ for 1