Built this CPU, what do I do with it?

Good Afternoon Ladies and Gentleman,

Don't know if I have this in the right section, forgive me if I don't.  Last Christmas I built myself a computer to become part of the "master race" per the video "kill your console." It includes:

i7 4770k overclocked to 4.6 ghz

Asus Z87 pro mother board

16 GB trident DDR3 2400 MHz ram

EVGA GTX 760 2 GB video card

Samsung Evo 240 GB SSD

(3) Mechanical hard drives 2 TB and (2) 1.5 TB

Thermaltake 3.0 performer closed loop cooler

EVGA 750W bronze PSU

Fractal design define R4


So my question to the community is, what can I do with this machine?  What games should I be playing and what software should I be using.  Any help is greatly appreciated.




Looks like you can play anything under the sun.

To things put into perspective, I have a gaming laptop with a geForce 675; i7 [email protected]; 16GB RAM and I play Metro 2033. Not at the high settings but I do play well at 1080p.

Also, most games play in Windows.

Have fun!

Came into the post think some one built a 4 bit adder, but it is just a pc.

 OT: Install Linux and get educated.

I just got both redux of Metro.  They play very well on my crappy 1600x900 monitors from 5 years ago.  Plays decently on my TV too, but haven't tested it since I overclocked my GPU.  Years ago I used to be very into PCs and want to be again.  I'm looking for any and all suggestions from games to productivity software to whatever.  I'm a blank canvas.  And like I said, I'm very appreciative for any input.  

Which version if Linux do you recommend?

Manjaro, Opensuse, Sabayon, are all beginner friendly and are pretty bleeding edge. Opensuse will need to setup to rolling for the latest and greatest stuff. 

Debian(testing), Arch, and Gentoo are all very powerful but less beginner freindly, but you will learn more about linux setting them up. Gentoo you custom build your system for your hardware-> super fast but it is intimidating.

Sounds amazing.  Will try it out in a dual boot config.  Thanks for the input.