Built my brother a gaming rig, but the Gpu Temps are questionable

Hey Tek Friends, so I just built my brother his new gaming computer and so far, he loves it. However, for some reason his Asus GTX 770 Directcu ii GPU seems to be running hotter than most reviews have indicated or general forum consensus. Almost all games and synthetic benchmarks are 80 degrees Celsius at stock settings. At idle it is about 38-45 degrees Celsius, and the room temperature is about 20 degrees Celsius. I have also set a custom fan curve maxing at 100% at 65 C, and it still goes 80 C no matter what.

The main parts that are in tandem with his Asus GTX 770 Directcu ii are the following:

Fractal Design Define R4 non-window version (took the noise dampening foam out for better ventillation) Asus Z87-Pro motherboard, Intel Core i5 4670K with Hyper 212 Evo heat sink, Corsair TX 750 PSU, Asus Bluray writer, and 8GB's of DDR3 Patriot Extreme Memory at 1600Mhz.

I am thinking it might be the case does not have enough adequate airflow as the R4 only comes with two 140mm fans (one intake fan on the front and one exhaust on the back). Any feedback would be certainly appreciated!


Thanks Tek Friends!



Most certainly the airflow.

One intake and one out take. <---- There's your problem.

Airflow probably the cause, check the cable management out, it can have a massive effect on airflow. Not too sure about the custom fan profile, usually the directCU cards have nice profiles already.

Those temps are not realy mindblowing. could be a littlebit lower at idle, with a better airflow. Depending on the room temp.

Thanks for the feedback! The cable managment is solid and clean, I also took out the middle hdd cage out for direct fan cooling. I also decided to try hooking one of my fans from my computer into my brother's and it seems to have dropped the temps by 5-6 degrees. I'm thinking of getting a couple fans for his R4 case to help with airflow.

Any fans you guys would suggest? Preferably 140mm fan size for intake/out take and no more than $25 per fan.

Thanks again!

They're expensive for fans but Noctua NF-A14 PWM fans are very, very nice. Its 120mm cousin, the NF-F12, is also very good.

(btw, the NF-F12 is Linus's favorite fan, so there you go)

With GPU boost 2.0 it isn't unusual for these newer cards to cap at 80 degrees. My 780 does the same.

i find that buliding positive pressure in your system helps dissipate heat. what i mean is that your intake fans pull more air in than your exhaust fans will push out.

also you can consider liquid cooling your gpu with an all in one cpu cooler. AKA, the MOD

get a fan or two and get some MX-4 clean off the crap they put on there and apply the new stuff

That's quite strange indeed. I have the Corsair Carbide 200R Case also with 2 fans one intake at the front and one outtake at the back and my 760 never EVER runs hotter than 72°C and my rooms is extremely hot these days cause late summer strikes again in Germany. And I also overclocked it a fair bit. But I can recommend the Noctua Fans too. Very quiet and good cooling capacities. The NF14 are 22€ here and the NF12 are 19€ so they shouldn't be more expensive than 25$.