Built-in mic stops working when I connect a headset



I have an Acer Aspire E1-522 laptop and a pair of JVC HA-M55X-E headphones (no mic). When no headphones are connected, I CAN use my mic. When I connect my apple earbuds, I CAN use the mic. When I connect my JVC the mic stops working and I can't chat with anyone.

I have searched online but I can't seem to find a fix. It sucks because I don't wand to be stuck gaming with apple earbuds.


Click Start and go to the search box or go to the Start Screen and type "Sound." There you will see all of your audio devices. With the headphones connected go to the recording tab. Select your microphone on your laptop and click set as default recording device. Should work then. 

I tried that already. The mic was already marked as default. I un-set it and re-set it do deafault and still nothing

check to make sure the mini jack is the same on the ear buds and the JVCs ... compare side by side ...?