Built a pc and my frames per second are crap need help

hey guys so ive built a pc and got it all running and now for some reason its like my graphics card isnt working i get worse frames per second than i had before. so here is my build if anyone has any clues on whats wrong please let me know id greatly appreciate it.

for my processor is got an intel core i7-4790
mother board is z97s SLI krait edition
i am using the gigabyte geforce gtx 980 4gb gddr5
4 kingston hyper x fury 8 gb 1866 mhz ddr3
corsiar hydro series h100i gtx high performance liquid cpu cooler
corsair hx750i 750 watt fully modular power supply
samsung 850 evo 5000gb ssd for windows 10
2 western digital 1 tb blue drives
and case is nzxt h440

Step one reinstall to windows 7
Step 2 reinstall drivers

If all else fails return the card and get an R9 nano instead, price is about the same now and it has higher performance

also did you try your other card while running something like FurMark with the new PSU for stress testing?

I know it sounds stupid but is your monitor plugged into your gpu and not the onboard video?
Use 3dmark to benchmark it and compare it to similar systems.

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What games? Kinda important.

Need more specifics. Perform some CPU benchmark tests, as well as GPU benchmark tests, and indicate the scores of them, or at least the relative difference compared with similar systems.

It's another obvious thing, but ensure the latest drivers are being used and installed properly, or else try another driver version.