Building Server Computer

I am new to this whole building of a server computer and I was wondering if these components would be good enough to host a minecraft server and run smoothly. I have 20 mbps download speed, 2 mbps upload speed. I would like one of the experts to see if these components would work and also what I would need to have in addition. I don't need any more than 250 gb of hard drive space. I already have a case. Already have the power supply but do not know what amount of wattage I would need. How much ram do you think I would need? What motherboard would i need? What CPU I should get? This is a low budget server build. Please give some recommendations.

Would these work together? Could I use these?:

Feel free to post comments/ your own ideas about cheap server builds. 

*Notice* This computer will only be dedicated to hosting the server nothing else strictly minecraft server.

Yes, those would all work together. Why not just run the server on your main machine, though?

Man, You can run a minecraft server off a raspberry pi, It's all up to how many people you have and how much ram the server has, the processor/harddrive/video doesn't matter much at all. Just pick up a $50 core 2 duo rig from craigslist and use that. It works for me.

I just run my MC server on my system. I allocated it 4GB of memory, and it runs great. Just port forward that bitch, and you're golden ;)

This is going to be a commercial minecraft server, so i will atleats need around 100 slots. I have the internet speed to run this server but i want to build a dedicated computer to run this 24/7. I don't want to put that much stress on my main computer or my macbook air  so thats the point of me building a server computer. I just want to know what i can get for the money i have.

128gb of ram dual xeons 

At least.