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Building Ryan's Killer New PC | Level One Techs



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Lovely build Ryan! I am jealous. One criticism though.



I am jelly too.


Not a bad PC at all. Should get a little more than 5 years out of it.


As the man of the people I dont like pimping out our News hounds PC :slight_smile:


I just can’t believe @wendell isn’t riding the RTX hype train, come on man, it just works! It… just… works.

Seriously, that case looks sharp… and shut up Meg.


no seasonic power supply?
no godlike mobo?
*inner fps hoarder screeching
i’m just jelly…


Ryan was so happy.


inb4 what? No Ryzen?



We coulda called him Ryzen Ryan then.


Interestingly, I just did a similar build for a friend for Xmas. (i7-8700k, z390 board, 2070 card, fun looking case)

Obviously without the exclusive parts that were conveniently sourced, but I tell ya what those 2070s are the bee’s knees right now.

Thanks to the ever-lovable MicroCenter near me, we were able to grab an Aorus 2070 and an Aorus z390 Wifi Pro.

He loves his massive upgrade!

About a year ago I upgraded to an i7-6700k on a Gigabyte z170 Gaming 7 and when crypto took a dump I nabbed an MSI 1080 (leaving my old R9 270x to be my secondary build’s upgrade).

I’ve had great experience with MSI cards and Gigabyte boards.

Fun video. Nothing like a brand new build :slight_smile:

Where is the link to the RAM? I don’t even think they mentioned it.


Congratulations! I just built almost the exact same build last night (refreshed from my 2012 build to a 9900k, 2070, and M.2). Cheers to all the glorious threads and cuda cores!


I am going to watch the video soon but I have to ask does he use a Grizzle theme on it when he feels like Grizzle and then when he feels like Ryan? Also is there a USB connected drink mixer or arm that hands him his drink for when you do the drinking episodes? I would assume this was a must feature.


Very Jealous… my 2014 haswell build is due to be replaced. The sata headers are starting to die.

I can confirm that my 290 windforce still sounds like a jet, and is a space heater in the Australian summer.


That theme sounds VERY Turbo Dismount.

Also, lucky bastard with the Wasabi Mango 120hz 4K display.