Building questions

So I just about to order this:

I will be gaming on it and just wondered what any of you would change to improve it. I want to stay in £900.

I have a few questions about the build process. I feel confident about plugging the cables in and cable managment but the thing that worrys me is the software. The motherboard I chose does not have video output so how do I get the display to work without the drivers being installed for my gpu?

Any tricks and tips on putting a computer together would be much appreciated thanks.

looks good, go build it. lol I have that keyboard, it is very sufficent

I'm not very familiar with Club 3D board partner at all, Is it just a UK brand?

When building a PC it's just like playing with lego's except you need to stay grounded.

I recommend waching neweggs build a PC videos they explayned everything! Logans video was similar but not that full of detail!Good job with getting the 7870 joker card! :)

here is the video:part 1

 part 2

part 3

good luck! :)

This is the most detailed how-to video ive seen