Building portable PC - Need help

Hello everyone

I would like to build a portable computer that can easily fit in a sportsbag and be brought with me on the bus (or even the bike, who knows?)

I've been heavily inspired by the vid done by Logan and co where they build into the Lian Li PC-TU100 case (

I've put together this pcpartspicker list that's quite similar to what's shown in the video:

My questions are:

  1. As the video is almost a year old, are there any obvious improvements I should make?
  2. How futureproof is this rig? I'd like to play future high-end games at a decent framerate at medium/high settings. Should I splurge and get a GTX 970?

I live in Denmark, so I no cheap US prices for me unfortunately. I have no particular interest in overclocking.

The system would almost exclusively be used for gaming.

I hope someone can enlighten me

1. Consider Z97 + i5-4690k?  There wouldn't be much of a performance difference, but it's still technically newer silicon.  However, in a case like this, there's no real need for an unlocked CPU since you won't be overclocking.  If you want, you should be able to settle for a locked CPU + H97 ITX board.

2. How long will the rig last?  It depends.  You could run every future game that comes out on low, and if you're satisfied with that, then it'll last quite some time.  If you insist on maxing out everything, then going with one of the ITX GTX 970s would not be a bad idea.  The GTX 970 is still quite a bit better than the GTX 760, though.  Compare something like a GTX 780 to a GTX 760 - it's a big performance difference.

Another thing - do you really need 16GB of RAM?  For gaming, 8GB is usually enough, as long as you're not running a lot of stuff in the background.

Should last a decade :)

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Here's what I suggest:

And here's a build video using the case: