Building PC, worried about header under the GPU

I've ordered my PC and I'm quite worried that the EVGA GTX 660 I'm getting is going to prevent me from plugging in the panel header. It's right where a dual GPU will be sitting. A reviewer on Newegg said he managed to plug it in on his motherboard with an XFX 7950 black.


GPU: -

For reference, I'm also going to be using an NZXT Source 210 Elite. I mainly chose this stuff because with a Micro ATX board I saved enough to get me a nice GPU. I wasn't planning on overclocking or doing SLI, so it seems to be a mid-range build that will last me a few years.

Any help with this will be greatly appreciated, it has me very worried and the order hasn't been shipped just yet but will be in a few hours I believe so I can change it but it's the best H81M board with a USB 3.0 header and with a 4 power phase. 

i'm pretty sure everything will fit. just choose wisely how to route the cables and sit the video card last. sometimes you have to bend the cable a lot and route it from the bottom and up. panel headers are usually very small cable easy to bend. the usb3 headers seems on the way but while it will be tight it will fit . don't wooorry ! :)

Much appreciated, I don't want to switch parts because it will push the shipping date back and I'm so anxious to have my first gaming PC. Thanks!