Building PC: School Newspaper Article

Hello TekSyndicate.

Alright, this might be the wrong place to go about doing this, but I'm writing about building a PC for my school newspaper, the CHS Globe. The Globe prints 1,000 copies a month, and is sent all over the nation. This might or might not be published in the monthly paper, but I wanted to let the entire community know about how amazing and beautiful creating your own computer is, before it's too late.

(By too late, I mean before they buy some Alienware desktops.)

I thought that coming onto the forums, I could get some ideas about what to write in the article. I'm planning on putting in that computers can be as cheap as you want it to be, are relatively easy to build, and that marketing can deceive you.

So far, I am writing about a friend who has recently ordered a 1,800$ custom gaming rig, and will be constructing the masterpiece this coming week. Since I am a relatively new writer, I'd like to get some input for the most important things to talk about. Sure, I could just slap a tutorial into there, but I don't want to bore the readers.

Honestly, I'd like to keep away from things way too deep. Keep it simple and light, and make people want to dig in further to find out about computer building for themselves.

Oh, and I think that I may quote people on this post, but I'll be doing it anonymously. I think it's reporting policy that I do that. If this does get published, I'll make sure to scan it and put it online.


(Not sure if the community is interested in this kind of stuff, lol.)

Sounds interesting. Let me know how the final project turns out. I was the editor in chief of my HS paper and I write for my college paper. Also a Journalism major. So I could help you out if you'd like. 

Well, I just finished building a computer with a friend that I mentioned above.

If you want, I can link you to a rough draft on Google Docs so we can do some live editing.

Well, I somewhat finished a draft.