Building PC help

 I was wondering if anyone can provide help and give me some suggestions with my pc build. Thanks 

Side note, I live in Australia so the prices are different.

what are you using this build for?


Just saying, for 128 GB SSD's you should be going with Kingston HyperX 3K. The rest have low read/write speeds for small SSD sizes - with the exception of some brands like ADATA. 

Good high-tier gaming PC. The Samsung EVO is a solid choice of SSD.

750W is a lot of power, you could run this system on a decent 450W. Here are some PSU choices to consider:

I prefer the fully modular XTR and RM units, in comparison to the CSM series. It will give your build a cleaner look.

A gold 650W would be sufficient for dual GPUs. 750W would be preferable. My personal choice would be the XTR.


You might consider building a smaller form factor PC. This cooler will fir most mATX cases:

The 4690K will overclock really easily with this cooler.