Building new PC.. did I make a mistake on the PSU?

Ok.. I'm having alot of buyers remorse right now... I ordered $775 worth of computer parts (including shipping/taxes) and these are my parts..

FX 8320 Vishera CPU

HIS IceQ HD 7870 2gb

Asus Mobo

1tb Seagate Drive

2x2 corsair RAM

antec case

and.. Heres my question...I ordered a Corsair CX500 500W 80 plus bronze certified power supply.. 38A on a single 12v rail. ALOT OF THE REVIEWS SAY ITS BADDDDDDDD

Lots of people said that theres a high pitched squeek coming from it when it's plugged in, but I'm half deaf so I couldn't give a single shit. The thing that worries me is that people say it's shit and stuff. One guy said it fried his motherboard. Was it a mistake that I got this power supply?

Newegg link (US) - 

Newegg link (Canada) - 

Not only does it have bad reviews but it doesn't even put out enough power for your system, Good choice m8y.

Also, 2x2gb

Not going to lie .. I used a 600 Watt no name brand Power supply for about a Year with a 6970 in it .. So, it might work but you better have balls to take the risk

On pcpartpicker it said estimated wattage = 394W... ... :) ...... :l ....... :'(  

Well, theres a saying.. No game no fame. Wait


Well I also used a no name power supply before for about 4 months.. no problems. 

And captainpip, I was already $60 over my budget XD

Going to upgrade for sure in the future.

AND, I got a friend with a 450W psu with the EXACT same specs, and OC'd.. He has enough power, so should I...? :)

Well, I got a CX430 (apparently built on same platform) which was DOA, and Corsair's support/RMA process leaves more to be desired. I coldn't get a hold of them by phone and my dead PSU was delivered to them on the 12th, and I'm still waiting on the replacement. Mind you, I live 30 minutes from their RMA office. I wasted 5 minutes on the phone listening to their ads (elevator music would have been prefered), and I legit got their answering machine during normal business hours at 10:30am.

So far, I have more bad experiences with Corsair than I do with any company, and I've ordered parts from Rosewill and Syba, so that's saying quite a bit.

However, the vast majority of reviewers say it's a good PSU. So, i don't know.

I'm prolly gonna get a DOA psu.. :(

Anyways, what happens to my parts and the PSU if I go over the wattage??

Really depends on the quality of the power supply. Corsairs are suppose to be good (at least that's the reputaion) so it should just shut off with no damage done. But if it's low-quality any number of things can happen. It can fry a component, fry some compenents, fry the whole system, catch fire, blow up, etc, etc, but those are all pretty extreme examples.

Dont use Neweggs calc, use this

It shows ~420W 

Is this legit???


Gonna post on this thread how my build goes. I'm going to try and OC, but I highly doubt I could. 


PS: If someone would want to send me a 600W psu, I'd be willing to give you a free copy of tomb raidar and bioshock infinite (Came with my graphics card)