Building new PC, advice would be great

I am currently starting to piece together what i need for my new pc, thought about upgrading my old one, but would just rather get a new pc.

Here is the parts i have been looking at so far:

CPU - I5 3570k

Cooler - H100i

Mobo - Asus P8Z77-V or -V Deluxe

RAM - Kingston HyperX 1600mzh 2x8 - 16GB

GFX - Gainward Geforce GTX 770 Phantom Edition (same price as a reference model anyway)

Case - CoolerMaster Storm Stryker White

HDD - Samsung 840 Pro 256GB

PSU - Corsair TX 650M 650W.


Suggestions would be great, but seems like an overall pretty nice build, price is gonna be around 1900 dollars or 11400 danish kroner.

I'd wait for a review on the gainward as the cooler look peculiar and may be utter crap.

Everything else seems solid.

Solid build. When are you planning on purchasing? Haswell is out really soon. I would wait a little if i was looking to build at this point in time. 

Looks good to me, but I would pick up an FX-8350 instead of the i5 3570K. I might grab some faster ram too.

looks like a great build to me but it my be smart to get an 8350 or wait for haswell as I have heard It will come out in june.

Sounds like a decent build.

If your doing any video rendering, the fx-8350 should be considered. You should also consider waiting a month for haswell which will be around 10% faster clock for clock and will be upgradable to broadwell.

Okay thanks for the hints and advice, had considered waiting but my current pc seems to be running on its last breath, this is mainly gonna be a gaming rig.

Saw a review on the gainward phantom card and it got a really nice review, then again the same store also sells the msi twin frozr 770 for a bit less, might just grab that instead, seems to be proven as a very good gpu cooler and overall design/quality.

Not sure what other type of ram i should put in it? any special suggestions? it has been quite a while since i build this current pc, still running with a 295gtx (wich was a exelent card tho).

Im also guessing the new Haswell is gonna cost a bit more then the current ones and my budget is a bit "tight", then again obviously the 3570k might then drop in price.

My plan would be to buy this in the beginning of june.

like others said: concider the fx 8350, it is the best gaming cpu, espeacially for single GPU usage. (but it can handle multiple GPU well ofcourse)

Here is a cheaper cooler that performs the same, just wayyy cheaper:


With the saved money you could grab a higher power supply. XFX is pricing right with theyr quality, either the XFX 850 core/black. The core edition costs less, but the black edition is modular. I think you would want to get the modular, since you are going to spend so much on your power supply.

Blue Hyperx memory and a nice Asus board looks sexy mate. Especially if you get the windowed stryker case.

I have preditor ram on my p8z77 deluxe board and it looks the business.

Gainward are ok. Thier parent company is Palit.

The build looks good imho. Go for it and best of luck.

Looks over performance is not explicitly mentioned. The cooler alone, and the possibility of a long living modular power supply is already a better choice.

I am pretty sure im gonna stick with what i know, intel. I will consider going for another psu, the one i chose was pretty much just the best i could find on the perticular site i rounded up all the parts on.

Might just pick up another cooler aswell, the one the tek guys reviewed im not able to buy in denmark tho, just picked the h100i since im pretty sure it was on sale.


And no, performance > aesthetics, picked the case since it got pretty good reviews, plenty of space etc.

you are good for that then. Here are some videos that could be intresting for you:


It is a very good CPU. I would only say not to get it, if you would be using multi GPU setups, or if you would use programs that run better on the 3570k like photoshop. Otherwise I would highly recogment the FX 8350.

So i have found a store with the build i wanaa get, so i am going to order:

  • i7 3770k
  • Asus P8Z77-V Deluxe
  • Kingston HyperX Beast DDR3-2400 DC 16GB
  • CM Storm Trooper / NZXT Phantom White, havent decided yet :/ cant say i like windows in cases much
  • Noctua NH-D14 (best i could get from this store and it seems to get good reviews)
  • Samsung 840 Pro 256GB
  • MSI GTX 770 Twin Frozr Edition
  • XFX ProSeries Black Edition 850W (thanks for that suggestion)

So thanks for the suggestions etc, hopefully gonna outperform my ancient pc by miles.

The build look good, the only other thing i might consider is a SSD as a boot drive. you can find them pretty cheap, around $1 USD per Gigabyte. 

Looks fine to me, about the mobo if you want a great overclockers board. i would go with the Msi Z77 mpower. but the Asus P8Z77V-Deluxe will also be fine ofc.

Grtz Angel ☺


okay, must admit i have never owned an ssd drive before so dont know much about them, but ill maybe consider that.

aaand now the haswell just released, guess ill be making a few modifications, a few more bucks and getting a 4470k, so many choices :(

I'm getting the 4770k, since the price isn't too much more and I would suggest you do the same. Also if you are going for haswell then I would recommend the Gigabyte z87x-oc Motherboard! Budget friendly yet full of overclocking features and of course it won't lack in gaming or streaming.

If you can afford a 4770K with a decent motherboard, like the Msi Z87-GD65 Gaming, or one of theire Mpowers that could be not a bad investement with eye on the future. but for just gaming at the moment, there is not much of an improvement yet between hasswell and ivy bridge, aroound 3 fps better, in some games.. its just more of an feeling having the newest technology in your system. cause socket 1155 is end of life, but that doesnt mean that a i7-3770K is a bad cpu. intel will stay arround 2 years on the z87 platform, then they wil probably come with a new platform again ☺