Building new game/work PC with Windows

I started building my new PC around August. I had enough parts in December to make it work (2 x M.2) + 8 TB 3,5 inch HDD. So I started. Problem is that each time Windows (10) installer agrees what I have legit code, it tells me to pick which disk I want to system one to be. There are some small (I didn’t have time) bugs being shown and in the meantime it shows that installation is proceeding. No matter what I do whether it is hitting “okay” to the bugs, or finishing it, PC restarts. This time there is no video output. I tired it with my own RX 6700, with my old RX 580 8GB and this is the only 2 pci-E graphics cards I have except 390. I’d prefer to have it, just in case. BTW my PSU has two 0/1 switches.

I checked this monitors and those cards and they work in other computer.

I will write details about what I have after I check it, but case is quite popular etc. (though it’s impossible to find all the wires that are supposed to be attached to motherboard).

5950X + 32 TB of RAM + 2 512 GB decent PCI-E 3.0 drives.

I know it’s foolish to build your computer when built last one with Athlon XP. But I thought it was doable.

The Windows Installer needs to restart during the process to finish installation. After the countdown you need to remove the USB or you will end up back on the original screen. Once the PC restarts it can take a while for the next boot to complete and the rest on the installation should eventually proceed.

But it often doesn’t finish that and the monitor is in perpetual orange diode version.

Okay, had to rule out the obvious.

Have you tried removing any unnecessary drives? What mainboard are you using?

No problem:


EVGA 1000GT Supernova 1000W 80+ Gold

be quiet! Pure Base 500 Midi Tower

Mind you I first installed CPU, plus Noctua with 2 fans, then I put the motherboard inside the chassis and then everything else. It wasn’t until recently that I noticed that a lot of front IO and rear is not linked to mobo. Despite in chapter 1-7 number 12 (F_Audio) being the only populated, the power off and power on button still works.

Correction. I started building this PC in May. It wasn’t until November/December that I tried running it. 20+ years in not doing that stuff will make yousty as heck.

Do you need any additional info? Thank You for your time.

No. The only one I can remove easily is HDD. I will try it imminently.

Doesn’t work. At least not with HDD.

I will await your wisdom tomorrow. For now I have to go to sleep (Poland).

In the meantime I hope others chime in, I might also make a video so it won’t be unambiguous.

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If you think there might have been an installation issue, you could always pull everything and do a test bench setup. Probably not what you want to hear, but the best strategy is to remove as many variables as possible.

I have to wonder if bent pins could be an issue, but you need to be careful when pulling the cooler or you will bend some. Twist gently to break the suction before pulling the cooler.

Another thing is BIOS, you can check the current revision versus the latest on manufacturers website.

I can’t even go to bios, because of it looks like Video_out isn’t working. I doubt it’s bent pins, because it would have shown earlier and I was as super delicate as possible. I was thinking of making it open bench, but, in all honesty it seems like a super-duper drag. Especially since when new Video card is introduced (and CPU doesn’t have internal GPU), everything works flawlessly.

For while I thought that BIOS during restart switched graphics to integrated graphics, but it doesn’t seem to be the case.

Also I waited 2 hours for memory training.

Thank You for trying to help me t the very least! I owe you so much, that it is hard to quantify!

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Well, have you tried installing Linux, just to see if you get a different result? Ubuntu 22.10 should work out of box.

Are you using a riser cable? Some risers are 3.0 only and X570 needs to be set to 3.0 mode to make those work, it is a common problem in smaller cases. Try attaching the video card directly to the mobo in this case.

Since the Aorus Elite should have a bios flashback button, try using that to upgrade to latest BIOS revision.

Never Updated BIOS, except when in olden times it meant it either worked or you had to go to a specialized shop. I will try ubuntu now, but 0 raisers. Built as simple as possible.

Though now I have to find GPU that will allow me to install Ubuntu.

After 1 use, the video_out NEVER works. I mean I can hear it going to bios or going to windows etc, but it NEVER works apart from that first time.

Any suggestions on thumb drive that will run Ubuntu from itself?

Okay, so first try to clear CMOS. It’s usually two pins that need to be short circuited, use the manual if unsure.

If this does not work, update to the latest bios by downloading the BIOS image, and then follow these instructions:

The regular Ubuntu installer allows you to try it out before installing.

Sorry about UBUNTU question. For some reason I Internalized (DK why, I hate Ubuntu!) that Linux=Ubuntu. Yes, weird thing. So I was asking which Linux would be better, because my old PC is almost dead ATM.

I’ll try it either in couple of hours or in the “night” here. I am 99% certain that Ubuntu will work fine with “new” GPU. Won’t work with old ones after CMOS (which is like first thing I tried, except them you had to take them out minimum 30 seconds so there was discharge time). After shut down Linux won’t work again.

Apologies for confusion.

Q-Flashing. I was hoping to avoid that… Because it makes it’s things for 2 hours and if you pull it out - it is still your fault. I will have to ship to AORUS with my UPS (should work, it’s like for 1200W, the question is will it recognize such a small voltage being taken)

do you have super dodgy power?

No. And I have UPS and I just Euthanized my only pet. I can do it, except, I knew how to do it on old time, but I never do it with a “button”. Probably something for doing it in the evening, because if for some reason it fails (and I will give it till morning to fail), I will know unambiguously that someone hexed me and this computer.

I hope you have a splendid day sir!

my condolences man, i know exactly how that feels

it may not be the best time for updating BIOSes

if you do wish to continue, they don’t take very long and you should be very safe provided you don’t lose power

I will take some sleep. Given that you suggest doing it with everything else disconnected, I should only attach PSU cables to it, right? Not trying turning on computer? The longest it did take was like 40 min to an 100 minute, but since I did it manually it gave me update in form of progress bar every 10 minute. Here I won’t know until correct diode shows. Also it does recognize my CPU etc. But with BIOS you never know.

I took the cat in, because someone threw them out. It was with us 2 nice years. Chances were decent on morning Friday, but it spiraled since then (evening was "we will inform you IF it gets better). Even doctors are a bit weird out, especially since in such cases, client doesn’t pay anything. They took one themselves full costs, which would be over 500$ in our dollar-less economy.

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