Building my first PC

Hi. So I finally decided to build my first pc but im not realy sure what are the best part, etc. I live in croatia where we use kn(croatian kuna) and I want to build a gaming pc and I would like to get into streaming as well. I was thinking of investing around 8000 kn, which is around 1000 €. I was thinking of a few build but I'm nit really sure they work together, etc.

Specifically what do you want the computer to do? It will be hard to make a build as the prices of parts vary greatly by country, and so do taxes.

Where will yiu be ordering from? How are the import taxes?

I would use it for gaming and I was thinking of getting tthe parts from the stores in croatia. The prices are kinda same to bigger website that have pc parts but if I were to order it from outside of croatia the inport taxes are really high so it wouldn't be worth it.

Alright. I don't know if Croatia has its own PCPartPicker site, but here's the list of parts I personally might go for. It's built inside of a 1k USD budget, to comepensate for the price changing over there (about 1.5k Kuna left for you to play with.

Not a perfect build, but it should get you started. If you want a little more money, drop the H440 and go for a cheaper one. I just included it because it is among my favorite cases and just couldn't help myself. The extra money could go towards a better CPU cooler or more storage space.

Looks pretty nice didn't even think I could fit a ssd and make something decent. I just have a few questions. Is the case silent or you can hear everything going on inside? Also why the i5 and not something like FX 8300?

intel chips have better per core performance, which games benefit from, alot.. the case isnt silent, if you want silent get a decent cpu cooler. like the noctua one or some aio cooler. though really i should say quieter.. you want something like the define r5 for silence.

Do you know if you can use the German PC part picker? Like do those retailers ship to you? I suppose there is that import tax thing

Otherwise you're going to probably want to look for an i5 4460 with a 390 for hardware, that's about the best bang for your buck high end hardware right now if you're only gaming.

How close are you to the italian border? Got any relatives living there you can have the parts purchased and shipped to which you can then smuggle back?

Looks like a solid build, but for streaming?
Here is how i would do it:
You can spend the extra 50$ on more RAM or an Optical Drive/ Card Reader
The Case is just one of my favourite but here are some other Cases i would buy with this budget.

  • NZXT S340
  • Fractal Define S (If you need mor storage than 3 Hard Drives and 2 SSDs, than you need to go with the Define R5, which is more expensive but way more silent. (more Silent?, is that a thing? - anyway)
  • Phanteks Enthoo Pro (Its basically the best Full Tower IMO - I love It

I live In germany and the german PCPartpicker ONLY shows the Amazon results (Computer-parts are Waaay overpriced on Amazon.DE)
So thats not a good option.

Didn't seem to bad to me when I was building a system over in it, prices weren't too far off overall

Yeah, Intel for single core is currently better. If your focus was more multitasking and less gaming, I might have went FX-8350. But because your focus is gaming, the i5 just feels better.

What about trowing a i7 in it? Or should I invest into something else?

Those 2 setups seem pretty similar. Could you explain why would the one you sugested be better? Whats the difference bettwen i5 and xeon e3?

For streaming, i would say go with an i7 if you can afford without sacreficing on the gpu.
The i7 will be better at streaming + gaming in general, over an i5.

Xeon E3-1231-V3 would be a nice middle of the road solution, this particular chip offers 4 cores 8 threads, just like an i7,
but without an igpu.
But they cost just a few bucks more then an i5.

The only con of the Xeon E3´s is that they are not overclockable, so in games that realy depend on per core performance,
like mmo´s, RTS games.
Those games will perform better on an i7-6700k / 4790K, because these chips are higher clocked out of the box.
But still the Xeon E3 will perform more then adequate in those games aswell.
But simply not as good as an i7.

Wenn it comes to streaming the advantage that an i5 and i7 have over the Xeon is that they have an igpu, which can be used for streaming with Qsync.
The Xeon E3 does not have an igpu, But the Xeon 4 cores 8 threads will still be good for streaming using X264. (which gives a better quality over Qsync anyways)
The I7 4790K / 6700K basicly gives you the option to use either technologies.

So if you could afford an i7, i would recommend it. So this build would be good? With i7 in this build it would cost me around 1500 $

You really don't need a CPU for encoding if all you are doing is streaming... NVEC already has you covered, and the 970 has more than enough power to play a game at fairly high settings (1080p) and encode the video for a stream. Even with rendering video after editing an i5 will do just fine.

Remember that 1.5k USD is 10k Kuna... nearly 2k over your proposed budget without compensating for the prices where you live.

It would be best if you did a little research on what CPUs you really need, and what you can use for streaming. And then deciding based on that. If you ask me an i5 with the 970 will be enough for almost everything. If you really need it you can OC with a 4690K and get even more single core power.

Yeah thats why I don't really want to put the i7 because it is over my budget. So I will get more for my money with i5 over xeon e3?

Do your research. ;)

All I would do is look up benchmarks and reviews on google, as I don't have that stuff memorized. Sooooooo, you could familiarize yourself with the review and benchmark sites rather than me just doing it again!

for a gaming + streaming rig i would still grab the Xeon E3 over the i5 realy.

I think I will go for this setup.