Building my First PC

Hey Guys,

Over spring break I"m going to be building my first personal computer.

I have all of the peripherals, a hard drive and a disk drive.

But, I'm not sure if these parts will really work as well as I'm hoping or if there are better components out there.

Any advice would be welcome, whether it be about parts or building the actual computer itself. 

Also I'm in the US and this build will primarily be for gaming and my budget is roughly $850

Thanks in advance!

First question, are you going for a color theme?

They are all compatible. the 760 is a little overpriced if you find one.
I went ahead and made a build in your price range.
  This will handle nearly everything you throw at in in 1080p with ease. Do you plan to overclock that 4690k? If not then you don't really need such an expensive CPU cooler. 

Umm kinda but not really, i know the red msi board is weird with the white case, i guess my tastes are a little eclectic

I kinda gave you a black and white theme if you're fine with that.

Yes, the game plan is to try my hand at overclocking, going to try to see if i can get to 4.5 or better. Excellent for now 1080p is the plan


Then what i put together for you is perfect.

so the krait offers decent overclocking performance? and the only reson the 760 is on there is because i currently own one and it isnt even 1 year old yet.

The Krait is a pretty good motherboard, and it will look really nice with your theme.


Okay, I've never really tried to overclock anything before so its all going to be a learning experience. and the motherboard market can be very confusing. 

Yeah it can be, just here is a few pointers. Asus normally makes the best of the best (usually,) MSI is in my opinion a close second, with gigabyte and asrock about equal at third but are still really nice.

I don't overclock or own the board myself so i can't give you a 100% reliable answer. 
I've nothing but great things about it though 

I figured that much in regards to Asus. Looking at their high end boards is kinda insane. Seeing as I've got you here any suggestions in regards to airflow in the case?

Good to know, I'll see if i can find some info on that. 

It seems to be a good case, Corsair makes some pretty good stuff. But if you would be willing to spend a tiny bit more money you can get a white Fractal Design Define r5 with a window. It is one of the best cases out there.

I've watched some reviews on the s340 and i've heard good things about it. I doubt there would be any problems.
  Here's linus's review of the case ( I always mess up links lol)

Here is a list with the Define r5 it.

 The case looks sharp but i can't see low rpm fans pulling a lot of air in the front of that case? That is my big attraction to the 500r. 

Linus is one heck of a funny/interesting dude. I will check it out


A lot of people think that, but from the machines I have built in them they get air flow just fine. Even with slower spinning fans the air gets in just fine.