Building My first Pc

I Wanna Build A Pc That Can Play Gta 5 Cod And Sims 4 Can Anyone help? on a $400 usd budget ill be using a computer controller and a plasma tv as my monitor

I don't think that will be able to run those games at reasonable frame rates, and you're going to need to include a OS unless you're going to be using Linux and i'm not sure if any of those games run on linux.

You're also going to need a case.

  This is logans 400$ intel build he made a while back

I'm actually using it right now (with a few tweaks)

It runs great and should be able to handle those games with filters off and such. 

cool thanks

No problem, I hope you enjoy!

does the motherboard needs to have an hdmi or is the video card so i can plug in the tv imma use?

For most people, you'll be plugging all video cables into your video card.