Building my first PC


I'm building my first PC. I worked hard to save enough money to finally build one and I am excited. I am new to the forums. I never really asked for help but there is a first time for everything lol. I would appreciate any advice/criticism, and I look forward to learn from everyone.

  • Budget. How much are you willing to spend? $1000 USD ( willing to go over budget if it is worth it )
  • What will you be using your future computer for? Gaming,Coding and School  mostly.I would like to be able to do VM stuff  and have the ability to do other thing like play with blender. I like to learn new things.
  • Do you overclock or want to get into overclocking? Yes
  • OS. Do you need a new one? Id like to be able to use Linux. I want to learn to use that.


I attempted to build one on but i really don't know what I was doing. i read a lot of other people's post and other websites to get an idea.If you guys can help me out that would be great. 

Your basic build looks pretty good.  Some parts are a bit overpriced, though.

I personally like WD drives more than Seagate.

I bumped your PSU wattage up 100w to allow for dual GPU configuration in the future.  If you don't plan to upgrade with another GPU, you can probably go with a decent 550w or 600w power supply just fine.

Just add a decent cpu cooler and you're good to go. Quite a beast for a first pc. Well done.

Yeah agree with above, WD > Seagate. WD Blue's are dirt cheap.

Add something like and you're golden. GJ

Thanks for replying. So this is the build i got from your recommendations Now i just have to wait for everything to arrive. I only have a Question as of right now. Will i have to buy thermal paste for the cooler?

if so what do you all recommend?


The cooler comes with it, just use a small pea size amount. There is enough in the tube for a fair few installs.

Hope the build all comes together nicely for ya matey.

Darn, you should've waited a bit longer.

Nvidia is crap for linux, you need to go AMD if you want to do anything decent. Nvidia's proprietary drivers stop working when new kernels are released, so you are at their mercy. Nvidia has been "the worst company to work with" when it comes to Linux, according to the Linux kernel creator, Linus Torvalds (that is a quote from him). He went as far as to say "Fuck you, Nvidia", and show them the finger, during a conference at a university. Here's the link:

If people are saying that Nvidia is better for linux than AMD, they are either fooled by Nvidia propaganda, or payed off to say such nonsense.

And that board you ordered from Asus has problems with virtualization due to broken IVRS tables, which prevents AMD-vi (guest OS's can directly access hardware, very useful for say creating a Windows virtual machine for gaming and doing a PCI passthrough, so Windows can use the GPU directly, that means absolutely no performance hit while gaming, some say it's even faster than Windows on bare metal).

My advice: send at least the GPU back, and order an AMD GPU. You will be able to live with that Asus motherboard, an user on the Asus forums made a fix for it (I haven't tried it, haven't tested it, haven't heard of anyone who did, I'm just pointing it out to you):

I just changed a few things and also made the color scheme match because I'm anal like that. I changed the ram for 2x8gb G.Skill Ripjaws X dimms at 1600mhz, added a 750w Seasonic 80+ Gold PSU so that you'll be able to Crossfire if you so choose, a Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo heatsink, and a Gigabyte R9 280x since you said you wanted to use linux and as someone has already mentioned, nVidia driver support for linux sucks. I've done all of this within the budget of the build you made yourself.


GPU=out of stock...

150$ FX-8320

300$ ASUS Maximus IV Formula-Z

500$ R9 290

50$ Cheap 1TB Hard DIsk Drive

100$ Corsair RM750

100$ Pick a case that looks good


If you can find afford a 290X or 780Ti, get it.

Why the hell would you pay $300 for a motherboard? Why, oh why? It's HIS FIRST pc.

And the RM750 is crap.

It outright failed the tests.

aww man. I read that somewhere about nividia graphics to , but forgot. The good new is i can still get a different GPU. Would something like this be good for an amd GPU?

I wish I could help you with your decision, but I haven't managed to come across any reviews of that card. But I can say that it's one sweet looking card.

I just updated it

It's just a rebranded 7950

Yep.  Rebranded 7950.

Thank you guys for replying. Sorry i keep asking but i want to make sure everything goes well. Which one would be a best bang for my buck?

If you guys can find something better that would be good as well. Again thank you guys for your help. It really means a lot that you all are contributing to making my experience with building my PC go well.

One other question I had as well  is if  the 770 card better than the  amd cards? If it is, I don't mind going with the 770 and going with Windows OS.

From those 3 I'd go for the XFX one,but why not pick the Gigabyte or MSI one? I'm not exactly a fan of ASUS when it comes to GPUs,don't get me wrong,the cards are just as good as both gigabyte/msi,but that 3 slot gpu is kind of a no no for me. Tbh I love Gigabyte and MSI. Gigabyte comes first MSI second,damn good quality and good looking stuff. Don't get a Nvidia card if you want linux. You'll regret it.

IMO you should maybe bump up the PSU.  For my first build I went with a 430w PSU( I know not smart) and that is probably my biggest regret.  To upgrade anything I need to up the power. My next PSU is going to be at least 800w just for this reason.  Other than that it is nice build 

I have had two sapphire Dual-X cards and they have worked great.