Building my first PC

Hey there,

I am going to buy a new pc very soon. It is the first time for me that I will build it myself.

I decided on these parts:

Can you tell me if this works, because i am not quite sure if the voltage and the amperes of the ram, mainboard, gpu and the power supply match.


If you have any recommendations what to change in this build, feel free to comment



Everything looks okay to me. Your choices are balanced in the right places honestly.

That would be a good system! Of course there is money you can save on it. 

  • It would work just fine with 1333Mhz memory.
  • That case is a bit unnecessary. You could forgo buying that LED fan. A fractal design core 3000 has very nice stock fans. 
  • You don't need an SSD. But that's just my opinion.

They are the only things I'd change if I were in your position, I'd probably use the money saved on a slightly better graphics card. But I'm sure you'd be very happy with those components.   

For that price range of a computer I would stick with the SSD. Its totally worth it at that point.

I would change the heat sink to thermalright true spirit 140

the one you have is massive and it doesn't preform that well for its size.The thermal-right will compete with high end coolers and even beat coolers that are more expensive.


Looks good.