Building My First PC Tonight

So Logan and all the wonderful/smart people on the forum have finally convinced me to build a pc. So I've got all the parts and am ready to go.  Any tips? How long did it take you to build your first PC? Should I be prepared to get very annoyed? 

Yes, I don't know about everyone else but I end up getting mad at building every so often, not to say I don't love it. But, I always will find somthing annoying. Best of luck to you. Install the cpu/ram/heatsink, before you from the mobo in, or after I don't care. but make sure you have standoffs in and make sure the backplate I/O panel thing is in. uhhhhh, mayonaise =/= thermal paste.

The first build I put together took at least a few hours, but that's because I was having a friend walk me through it because I didn't have any experience yet. The more components you have in your build, the longer it's going to take, especially if you're very picky about cable management. A simple build with a motherboard, ram, cpu, graphics card, and one or two hard drives should not take very long at all. Experienced computer builders can put builds like that together in an hour or less. It might take you a little longer though just because it's your first build and you're learning the ropes.

The most difficult thing for you will probably be the CPU cooler. Just make sure you install the CPU, RAM, and CPU cooler before you drop the motherboard into the case. That will make things a lot easier.

First build WILL get you mad. Atleast I did. Like captainpip said, theres always 1 problem, and it's normal. Most likely going to be a solution also.

(Problems such as Graphic card not fitting, on of the power supply connectors aren't fitting in normaly etc...)

It should take about 4 hours including installing windows, and drivers. To make things easy, download the drivers you need on to a USB stick, and just plop it in your computer.

Get prepared to get annoyed hehe... It's not that bad actually, if you don't encounter any problems.


Have fun

Yea, dont loose it to much when something happens, like i did.. when i found out my Mobo was DOA because the shipping company broke it.

Well how's it going? Any troubles come up? Guess no since you've not come back on.

To be honest, it was fine for me until I got to cable manegment, it is such a pain in the ass for me because I'm such a neat freak, but I'm sure you'll be fine. If you aren't sure of something make sure you have another pc open or someone who built a pc incase you think you did something wrong. But really, it isn't that hard, it migh take about 5-7 hours max, just be very sure you are grounded and touch a metal surface periodically. Killing your mobo, ram, or anything else with static sucks and it will probably piss you off A LOT. Especially with the RAM, if you don't have a anti static wrist band, touch metal right before you touch the ram. I killed two ram sticks cause I forgot to ground myself 3: Other than that I'm sure your build will come out fine. Good luck!

P.S don't close your case until you do a final boot with everything in the case, it will never work if you have it on before.

It took me all night for my first build. Preparing the case is the most anoying part for me. I wanted to a put an intake fan at the front, so I had to pull off the front panel which is a pain in the a$$ on my case. That took me the longest. Scariest part is the the CPU/heatsink. I know I was afraid I was going to screw it up.

The CPU is keyed; it only fits in one way. Don't put it in the wrong way, or you could ruin both you motherboard and CPU.

Put the IO shield in before the mobo.

Put between half and 2/3 of a pea worth of thermal paste on the CPU, right in the middle. DON'T PUT TOO MUCH.

Make sure to plug up the CPU power cable to the mobo. I didn't know there was one when I made my first build, and after hours of frustration, called my veteran IT friend (35+ years at 3M as head of IT and software dev), and figured it out.

Have fun! You will never be able to stop tweaking, upgrading, improving; it is so much fun!

my first build only took about 40mins to get the mother board cpu ram and video card mounted but the stupid io shield took about an hr it self for some reason it just didnt want to stay in place finally got it,put the mobo with all the parts in case then hooked up the power[which i triple checked which took bout 40mins cause im slow] so a little over 3hrs, but taking your time is the best thing dont rush or it could cost you triple check all your connections screws and wiring dont forget to bleed for some reason the pc wont work right with out a little of your blood, and lastly dont put on the side panle until everything is running the way it should.