Building My First PC Project

Hey Guys! My budget is around $700 total. But, that includes a moniter, keyboard, and mouse, so my budget just for the computer case and all its insides is around $600. I am new to all of this, so I apologize if I am such a newb! I was just wondering if you guys can kind of put a computer together for me (like your favourite parts etc.). I would really love to know your guys favourite stuff to purchase so that I can have the best computer for my budget. Thanks guys and I cant wait! :D

Where are you going to get a decent Monitor for under 100 bucks? The Cheapest one that ive seen around is when its on sale at OfficeDepot for like 89-99 bucks and its only a 19 incher.

There is a 22 inch ASUS monitor on Amazon, that I was going to get.

Maybe something like this?

you are welcome







but it's pretty old though so:

get an fx 6300

an ashrock 970 extreme 4

an hd 7850/7870

for ram: crucial 8gb 1866 mhz

for ssd: san disk extreme, or Adata, hyper x 3k or.... (check the prices and the speeds, I saved about 40 bucks on that)

case: Sharkoon T28



cut on storage and psu (but get a good one! japanese capacitors, 80+... xfx, seasonic... corsair...) and you will get to you're 600 $ mark. 

maybe make 650 $ out of it, to get an ssd

and get a monitor from ebay! It will save you a lot, since you can't get an ips panel with 100$! BIG TIP!

oh, and if you can afford it, look at this: sharkoon drakonia



Thanks! :)

you are welcome, on the case: not every kind of cooler will fit there (a giant noctua won't fit there), other than that, it has everything.

foryou the same as i posted in other topics i found this

that mainboard is really cheap, great! Maybe the ASRock 970 Extreme3, so he has a choice.