Building my first PC. Not buying the parts immediately

Hi everybody. Im what to build a PC but I never did it before so I came here for help. I would like to stream so I think a AMD CPU based PC would be better(I heard AMD CPUs preforme better then Intel CPUs while streaming).

My current rig is:
-Intel Core2 Quad Q8200 2.33 GHz
-GeForce GTS 250
-ASUS P5QL/EPU Motherboard
Is it posible to salvage something of it or use it as a PC to stream off or something?

For my new rig I was thinking of spending a budget of around 1000$-ish (around 5000HRK (Hrvatska kuna (Croatian kuna))). What site do you guys recommend that ships to Croatia and isn't overpriced(Shops in Croatia are kinda overpriced so I was thinking of ordering the parts online)? Im all good with peripherals maybe just a new headset, not something too expensive. My current monitor is 1400x900. I play really all type of games. Also I was thinking of overcloking but never done it before so if you recomened it some explanation on it would be nice. Same goes for water cooling. 

Im pretty sure LGA 775 was DDR3 so you could salvage the 4GB ram and add another 4GB (though i would guess that its probably dual channel 2x2 so it might be slightly more preferable to just have a 4x4 setup). you could also salvage HDD and CD drive if you have one. Everything else couldn't be salvaged really.


AMD CPU's have better streaming performance for a cheaper price. For instance a FX8320 for 140$ will outperform a i5 4670k for 220$ in streaming. But a i7 which will be even more expensive would be best.

I have a 1TB HDD and a CD drive. So i7 would performe the best?


Nice $1000 dollar gaming PC. This will run everything @ 1080p at good frame rates. 

I would just throw out the HDD, because I have a 1TB HDD so I don't really need it. Could you also explain why GTX 770?(I want to really learn as much as I can)

My LGA775 C2D e8600 was DDR2.

I do know some are DDR3, though.

It's a strong video card.  However for streaming, the extra two cores on the 8320 will help quite a bit.

For now, no SSD as I'm sure the shipping and taxes in your country will not be nice.

Yes an i7 would perform the best but in terms of price/performance its not as good as the AMD or the i5. If money is no issue to you then sure get the i7 though if you are streaming games then you want to get the best GPU before you get the best CPU generally.

Hmm I'm not sure, when I come home I will see if it is DDR3 or not.

I will throw in a SSD if i find a good site that ships at low prices but the rest seems really good. But couldn't get an even stomger CPU if I don't get an SSD?

just get an nvidia card, with shadowplay, as you will have no problem streaming with it ( with the shadowplay app),

so I would say

8+gig ram

120 g ssd (or more, because you will like to cache your videos to it)

7200rpm 1 or 2tb hdd

cpu: don't bother, get an I5 4670k, for power saving over a 40$ cheaper, but 100w hungrier amd cpu (if you play a lot, it will save you some money, else, get an fx8350)

gpu: if you can find 2*650 ti, it is a really great card, that you can find for ~150$ now, and with sli, you get better frame-rates than with a titan, also it supports shadowplay (if you want, you can get only one, and buy another in 6 months or so)

case: whatever you like, you can get some good ones in the 50-70$range, just remember that you will keep it for a longer than most of the other components.

psu: I recommend a bequiet ('cause they are great and silent) 700+W, just to be sure

mobo: asus z87 pro (or 990fx counterpart)

for cooling the cpu, don't bother and use the stock fan, as you will not need to over-clock it, for now (but, you could under-clock/under-volt  it).

for where to buy, I would say amazon?

only thing that is salvageable is the hard drive everything else is junk. i used to own a pc with similar specs to yours 

Could you explain shadowplay thing a bit more? And do you know amazon shipping prices?

I thought so.