Building my first PC & need a bit of help


So I recently started ideas together for my first pc build and i have hit a wall. So far this is what i have

Processer- AMD FX-8350

GPU-GTX 660 ti

case- NZXT Vulcan (kinda want something that i can move around without to may problems)

PSU- Thermaltake black widow 850w ( 80 plus and all that good stuff)

Storage-some off brand 1tb hard drive, will add an SSD when they get cheaper.

Memory- Corsair Vengeance CMZ16GX3M2A1600C10R (2x8gb)

CPU cooling- Corsair h70

Now to my problem the mother board. I’m looking for something that can run my FX series CPU, supports at least 2 GPUs at PCIe 3.0 or 2.0 at 16x(for both cards if possible) & 32gbs of ram , and has extra slots to support an sound card. Minding the fact it needs to be on the smaller size to fit my case and be less than $150 USD. Any ideas?

Firstly, I don't believe there's an AMD board that supports PCIe 3.0, but I could be wrong.  Someone will pick me up on it if I am.

There are not many mATX boards out that support 2 x PCI x16 slots, so that may be a struggle for you.  You may be better off dumping the AMD CPU and going with Intel as there are many options available to go with your mATX case.  Another option is to forgo the mATX case and buy a mid-tower case that would fit an ATX board.