Building My first PC ($600-$700 budget) would like to know what you guys think of this build!

-Amd fx-6300

-MSI 970 GAMING ATX AM3+ motherboard

-Raijintek Themis CPU cooler

-MSI R9 280 twin frozr GPU

-G skill ripjaws 8GB DDR3 Ram

-Corsair cx500W PSU


I have included the pcpartpicker for my very first build to replace the hole in my heart left by the death of my laptop on move in day:(. I am building this sometime in April because thats when I'll actually have enough money saved up to do anything. I already have an OS and a case (corsair spec-03). I also have a HDD that I will be using for this build. I plan to use this for programming, schoolwork, and gaming (a good bit of gaming). Would really like to know what you guys think I should do for a monitor because nothing seems to be quite right. Thank you guys in advance for any help given! Also yes I am new to this community and am glad to be a part of it!

I am not familiar with that heatsink. Of course you could always go with the CM hyper 212 EVO. And instead of 16 GB of ram right off the bat, you could just do 8, and use the difference to get an SSD. Trust me you want one of those. I'm a student for programming too, and more ram does not make a big difference, especially in gaming, and the gpu you picked seems fine for that. 

It appears I have made a typo! It is supposed to say 8GB of RAM. I will be editing to correct this. Thank you for your input!

Definitely good for the money.

Thank you! I was trying to keep it as cheap as possible when replacing my dearly beloved and recently deceased laptop. Now I just have to wait until April, and that's already proving very painful. As far as a monitor, what seems good in your opinion?