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Building My First NAS

Hi, I’m trying to build a NAS that ticks a few boxes and would love any advice this being my first build in this area.

I’d Like to be able to run it as Nas while also being able to use it as a virtual machine.

The Goal of the virtual machine would be to edit 4k footage remotely.

If anyone could provide and hardware recommendations or builds I’d greatly appreciate it.

If you want it to do 4k editing in a vm, Unraid sounds like a good idea for the OS. It’ll make hardware pass through for the vm easy.
As for the hardware, what’s your budget?

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I’d Like to stay around 5k to start and add hard drive as needed as my storage needs increase. The goal would be to get the VM up and running and add storage as I begin to run out.

You mention you want to edit 4k remotely.
What kinda case are you thinking off? Tower or rack mount?

I could go either way I don’t see space being an issue.

Alright, here’s an idea for the basis of the system:
Total is around 2k for cpu, mobo, ram, ssd for windows, case and a psu. I don’t know if tax is included. So check out for that.

Ryzen 3950X, Gigabyte X570 Aurous Pro, 32 GB Ram, 1 TB 970 Evo ssd, Fractal Define 7 XL and a 850 Seasonic psu.

The 3950X will give you plenty of horsepower to edit and dedicate some cores for the nas part of the build.

I don’t know if 32 GB memory will be enough, so maybe that should be doubled to 64 GB. Again, you’ll have to research this a little. Google is your friend.

I haven’t picked a GPU, cause I don’t know if you plan to game, or how much GPU’s improve video editing. You’ll have to find that out yourself with some googling.

If you want to pass trough hardware to the vm for editing, you’ll have to be sure that the iommu groups on the motherboard are suited. A quick google search indicated that Gigabytes boards have good support. But again, you’ll have to dig more yourself. There’s a lot of vm pass trough threads here on the forum.

The motherboard have 6 sata ports, so you’ll be able to attach 6 hdd’s for nas purposes. If you need more than that down the line, you can add a hba later.

I haven’t added any hdd’s either, since I dont know your storage needs. Atm, I’d steer clear of WD, so get some nas hdd’s from either Seagate or Toshiba.

Again, this is a suggestion, so you’ll have to do some more research yourself :slight_smile: