Building My first gaming rig

Hey guys! I want to build my first Gaming PC. I picked my parts already I just want someone who is experienced in making their own rigs to have a look at this and give me advice.

Here are the parts.

Motherboard: MSI H61M-P31 (G3) Motherboard

CPU: Intel Pentium G850, Socket 1155, Dual Core, 2.90GHz

RAM: 4GB Corsair Value DDR3 PC3-10600 (1333)

HDD: 500GB Seagate ST500DM002 Barracuda SATA 6Gb/s, 7200rpm

PSU: 500W Storm Silent LPJ19-25

CASE: Fractal Design Core 1000

DVDR: LiteOn IHAS124-04 24x DVD±R

GFX: Yeah about that...

I was mainly following this guys tutourial . The Graphics Card he was using is 1GB XFX Radeon HD 7770. I know that some of those parts are not the best but I want to keep it fairly cheap. He benchmarked his PC at the end of his video and he was playing DayZ and BF3 in 1080p resolution (on low settings of course) with 60 fps in Dayz and 45-60 fps in BF3. I found all of those parts on eBay but I have a problem in choosing the graphics card. If someone could explain to me what's the difference and which one performes better I would be really greatfull. Thanks.

Let's see:

XFX CORE Edition Radeon HD 7770 GHz Edition runs @ stock 1000Mhz and has 1 cooler

XFX Double D Radeon HD 7770 GHz Edition runs @ stock 1000Mhz but has improved cooling solution

XFX Double D Black Edition Radeon HD 7770 GHz Edition comes factory OCed @ 1095Mhz and has the DD cooling solution

So, the black edition is the best solution. Unless u get the DD version and OC it to 1095. This extra 95Mhz will get you 4-6 fps gain depending on the game. Check out this review for further info in the Black edition:


[email protected] Much appreciated. I'll go with the Black Edition then.

Much appreciated. I'll go with the Black Edition then. (sry double post)