Building my first gaming pc.Need help

So im building my first gaming pc, I  have a $550 budget and these are the parts that I picked.

Im new to this so please leave contructive criticism.

 motherboard: gigabyte ga-a55m-ds2 amd a series 

 apu: amd quad core a8-3850 2.9ghz with radeon 6550d 

The motherboard and apu are in a bundle and it says I can use another gpu to get better performance 

so i will do that with a sapphire radeon 7850 1gb.

 ram: corsair xms3 4gb ddr3 1333mhz 

 power supply: corsair cx500 v2 cx series 500w 

 hdd: seagate barracuda 3.5 500gb 7200rpm 

 case: thermaltake v3 black edition mid tower case 


This will perform much better than a APU build

I agree both with anarmypig and miskonius but if you REALLY whant a apu based system get a  radeon 6550 video card because that will run in crossfire! I see that u have taken logans suggestions but didnt quite understand him! ( i didnt too :D but eventualy i did) 

heres the vid right: 

i think he tallks about it at 4:30ish :D 

good luck!