Building my FIRST Gaming/ editing PC

Hello, I hope this is where I am meant to post this...

Obviously I am here in need of help with purchasing my 2nd ever pc, I had one when I was a bit younger, then I switched to a laptop for educational purposes... Now I need some serious advice!

Budget is £800 - £1100 and I live in the UK, and use British Sterling, this PC is going to be built from pure funding.

This PC will be used for Gaming AND Rendering as it will be used for College work also.

I am not fond of over-clocking as I have never done it before, and want to keep everything on a 'cool' level.

I don't want to use water cooling as I have no clue how to re-fill it, and I don't trust water around my Tech, it will have to be fans for me please.

I need it to be able to play games on High/ Ultra at 60 FPS to 100 FPS, I play games on Steam such as Planet side 2, DOTA and I am interested in the new GTA First person, Watch dogs etc.. And I would like to play these in HD (High/ Ultra, talking 1080p and higher? Not good with hardware).

My recording software would simply be Fraps and my rendering software is Sony Vegas 11, might purchase 12 when I save up a little more money, also I use Photoshop CS6 an awful lot, but I'm pretty sure if the PC can render 1080p it can handle Photoshop.

I would like a sizable monitor as I will be Gaming and Editing, so 22" with HDMI? Will be buying a 2nd monitor in the future.

I have no experience in building computers! This is what I have built in PCspecialist:

Obviously I need this as cheap as possible, and if it's worth having an i5 version instead, please make it apparent... I'm more confused on what I need more, the R9 280X, or a Nvidia equiv? Thank you guys!

Your link doesn't work for me. 


Changed the link, to scrn shots, thank you for reading my request! :D

Looks great only I would take a GTX 970 as it is about the same price. I have the 280x too but I don't rely like the AMD software but this is personal preference. 

Can this motherboard take 2 graphics cards? I want to keep the AMD as its the only GPU brand I have ever used, but I also in the future want to add a second graphics card (Nvidia) for physx :/ Thank you, It looked good, especially for the price, but I needed professional help (Obviously).

The GTX 970 has 1 extra GB of Vram that will help render stuff faster.

should work but sorry I didn't have the time to 100% check it. Watch a review to find out.

Oh does it now, and is it roughly the same price? Thank you for helping me, really appreciate it!

That board will not support SLI, it does support Xfire

Looked at the site and pcspcialist really limited your choices on some hardware configs, that K series processor is an overclocking processor, so do not buy it unless you plan to overclock, which buy the way is very simple, easy and with a modest one (aka the same as turbo boost) it wont draw much more power or heat.

The board is M-atx, that  case is ATX, it will fit but you can fit larger in

You want to do capture, rendering and high workload tasks I would invest in more ram. Right now I am specing a similar build for my brother but he only games, no capture no content

 MSI Z97 MPower Intel Z97 (Socket 1150) DDR3 ATX Motherboard Is the board we will probs use. If you are building it yourself there are boards with wifi built in that you can look at

Hello, so is it not worth getting the K edition? It say's its got the extra Ghz so I thought it might be worth the extra money as it's only a little amount extra for the K edition? I will upgrade the RAM in the future, I just need something to start with, thanks for the pointer, I'm not very smart when it comes to details, what is the SLI? and is that the motherboard you suggest? Thank you

Yes Its not worth it, K edition CPU is mostly for people who wants to OC and push their CPU to the very limit to get most bang for their buck.

I would suggest a Xeon E3-1231 V3 CPU instead of an i5. Its an i7-4770 CPU without the integrated graphics which you won't need since you're planning on buying a GPU for your rig and the pricing is around the i5-4690k. So its a good deal over all.

I would suggest an R9 290 GPU I'm not sure with the pricing in the UK but I heard that you can get a decent R9 290 for around 250 USD and includes 4 games too. So that a really solid deal. 

SLI is for Nvidia and Crossfire for AMD. Basically this term is used when you are using more than one GPU for your system.


EDIT: And since you're not looking on OCing (btw you can't OC the Xeon E3-1231 V3) I would not suggest the MSI Mpower Z97 cuz it's a pretty pricey mobo and you won't be able to fully utilize the extra feature. I would suggest the MSI gaming 5 z97 pretty awesome mobo and its cheaper than the Mpower z97.

Thank you!, I would change it to that recommended CPU but it has to be on the sight PCspecialist, because I will be ordering it from there (Just to make sure I get the 3 year warranty, not to mention I cannot build a PC myself). So getting the K would be a waste, is it safe to Over clock? I would do it as so many people have said it is easy, but I'm not sure I would need it considering the power of Intel cores? I am just better off getting the standard i7 really am I not?


EDIT: I would like to add a 2nd graphics card in the future and upgrade the RAM to 16GB so I need a motherboard that can do this? :/ am I making this too complicated?

The Xeon E3-1231 V3 is really an awesome CPU. But I'm not sure if its available with your supplier, better check it 1st. Getting K is not a waste, its only a waste if you're not looking on overclocking it because there is a non K edition of the CPU you mentioned. Safe is a broad term I say. You should know how to OC if you wanna do it. Luckily you can find a lot of tutorial with youtube and google.

And as I said the Xeon V3-1231 V3 is like an i7 CPU without the integrated graphics and is non OC able. 

And i'm pretty sure that the MSI gaming 5 Z97 can do either SLI or Crossfire.

You say the Xeon V3 is like the i7, is it made by intel, or is Xeon literally the brand? I dunno if it's good to go mainstream with Intel and Amd, or to take a brand I don't know about (Xeon?) Sorry if I'm seeming stupid, as I said, I'm.... Crud with PC's.

Xeon is Intel and Xeon CPU are usually used in servers and workstation. but its also great for gaming as well.

Intel has i3, i5, i7, and Xeons

while amd has fx series, the a series, phenom and athlon, so on..

Just remember that the Xeon has no CPU graphics so your HDM/DVI/VGS ports won't work on your motherboard. As you're using a separate GPU this is no big but I just wanted to let you know. As Old Snake sad the Xeon is more or less an i7. I still prefer the i7 over Xeon.

PS. You forgot about the whole Pentium and Core duo and the atom processors but they are low powered or more energy effective.

Okay thank you guys, I have spoken to my friend whom knows how to build PC's (Studies it at College), and he has agreed to build it for me for free, and to let me watch and get involved so I know a rough idea for future reference. So now it's confirmed that I will be building it WITHOUT the help of a custom site. Would any of you recommend a certain LIST of parts? I think I will go with the i7 over the Xeon, just incase my GPU goes funny, I will still have the option to have a monitor working (For office purposes). However yes, would anybody be willing to give me a parts list that includes an i7 and the Nvidia gtx 970? was it?, with the motherboard being able to handle 2 GPU's eventually, and with 2 RAM slots? (So I can upgrade to 16GB for rendering), also has to have Dual band wireless because I cannot connect an inthernet cable unfortunatly. Another thing is a case with 2 fans, with the ability for extra fans? I'm being extremely picky I know, but if anybody has the time, I will be extremely thankful for the help, and if the TekSyndicate has a review place? I will give it top marks (As that's the only contribution I can think of right now?) Thank you very much.

Well this is a bit over your budget but it is including Screen and OS.

You may change some things. Please let the list been locked threw by your friend and by someone from Tek Syndicate as I'm not familiar with prices in the UK and It's hard to know if something is overpriced. All the components are from good producer that are worth there money but still.


Okay. Thank you very much, I have built a list using PCspecialist, and found the indivisual prices on Amazon, It now comes to £1074, but this inclues the BluRay ROM which I didn't include previously, HDMI Monitor, Keyboard and Mouse!